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2020-12-18 06:49:28

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Guide to learn how to cause Eliminations while in a Vehicle in Fortnite

  Fortnite is currently in its Season 5, chapter 2 and currently in its week 3 of the game, so as usual for this edition of the game, legendary searches are being carried out, but how they are done by means of cars, their mechanics is a bit strange , but if you want to know how to cause Eliminations while in a Vehicle, then running them over with the car is the best solution, but the truth is that it is not, and for that we bring this guide to give you the details about the correct way to achieve the objective. Stay tuned!
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How to cause Eliminations while in a Vehicle in Fortnite?

Surely when you saw this thinking challenge that the best way to complete it is by overwhelming the other players, but the truth is that no, if you try you will see that they will not die immediately and that can be a problem. The best way to cause Eliminations while in a Vehicle is by shooting your victims, not running them over. All just because the vehicles still need some tweaking in the bump department.

iFireMonkey is one of the Fortnite information leakers, and he also made a comment about this detail, all because in one of his games he sees someone knocking down someone and as described by iFireMonkey said it is similar to "hockey puck".

"I think everyone can agree with me when I say that cars need to be fixed when it comes to ramming players. It literally turned a downed player into a hockey puck."

This could just be a downed player side connection issue as there is no animation. They glide across the floor like its nobody's business. Truth be told, crashing into players isn't the fastest way to complete this epic quest.

The most reliable way to get kills on a vehicle is to shoot them from inside the vehicle, which counts towards the epic mission. And one of the advantages is that you can do it in Duo's, Trio's and squads for the most fun of all.

All you have to do is get someone who has completed this mission before and who offers to drive and the rest of the passengers open fire on anyone who moves. Don't worry if it takes you time. If you try hard, you will surely succeed!

 Now that you know how to cause Eliminations while in a Vehicle in Fortnite, you will be aware of these details for when you find yourself in a vehicle and want to take down others. Luck!

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