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Fortnite never ceases to amaze us which allows us to let you know the gun game codes for May 2021.

What are the gun game codes for May 2021 in Fortnite for?

  This game allows us to carry out constant challenges and this implies adding some series of artifacts necessary to function, in this sense it is necessary to know the codes and in this way to master the weapons more comfortably.

What are the gun game codes for May 2021 in Fortnite?

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    • Seashore Resort Gun Game: has the code 1322-5678-1260, she requires killing 20 enemies with the object of reigning in the beach resort to live the vacation dreams.
    • Junk Yard pistol game: it has the code 9756-2363-7717, it is necessary to search through the scrap metal achieving a total of 25 murders being the first in the class.
    • Dababy Boxfight: it has the code 1248-5981-3851 we get it by literally getting into a box while fighting to get out of it and the code GTAHELP can be used to get rewards in the game,
    • The Rig Gun Game: it has the code 8304-0979-7737, it is necessary to kill to get the way to freedom, this involves making our way on an oil rig on the high seas and fighting against some enemies while we move.
    • Gun game with bow: this has the code 3411-8390-0877, it is necessary to go to the old school with a bow that allows us to execute a shootout and win in each round, we must reach a total of 10 deaths being the first player.
    • First-person gun game: this one has the code 6821-7528-4726, it is only necessary to face a fight in the first person.
    • Terminal MW2 Remake: it has the code 4340-5772-0250, this allows us to see one of the Modern Warfare 1 maps, just take a look at them.
    • The underworld: it has the code 5719-7469-6732 which makes it necessary to enter the depths of hell, winning by achieving a total of 30 deaths being the first player.
    • Bikini Bottom: it has the code 3300-7669-9591, this allows us to get a fascinating experience every 30 seconds and choose to relive the fantasy of the yellow sponge, this usually happens in Conch Street.
    • Nuketown Code: 6722-4469-6989 this allows us the opportunity to see one of the COD maps recreated and thus enjoy it.

    This is what we know about the gun game codes for May 2021, just have fun, at the end of the day that is the goal in Fortnite.

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    Epic Games
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    July 25, 2017
    Co-op, multiplayer
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