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 Discover the best locations on Where-to Find Quadcrasher in Fortnite OG and dominate the battlefield.

Fortnite Season OG has introduced a wide range of exciting vehicles, and one of the most popular among them is the Quadcrasher. With its unique boost feature and availability at various points of interest (POIs) and major landmarks, the Quadcrasher has become a sought-after vehicle for players. In this friendly guide, we will explore where to find Quadcrashers, how to use them effectively, and provide some tips and tricks along the way to help you dominate the battlefield.

Where-to Find Quadcrasher in Fortnite OG


1.1 Paradise Palms: Located in the desert biome, Paradise Palms is a bustling town with a unique atmosphere. As you explore the outskirts of this town, keep an eye out for Quadcrashers parked near buildings or in open areas. These vehicles are often scattered around, making it relatively easy to find one.

1.2 Dusty Divot: Dusty Divot, a location known for its giant crater, is another spot where you can find Quadcrashers. As you venture around the edges of the crater, keep your eyes peeled for these vehicles. They can sometimes be hidden among the trees or rocks, so be thorough in your search.

1.3 Snobby Shores: Snobby Shores is a neighborhood filled with luxurious houses and stunning views. When exploring this area, make sure to check the driveways and garages of the houses. Quadcrashers can often be found parked near or around these houses, ready to be claimed by a savvy player.

1.4 Junk Junction: If you're looking for a more adventurous scavenger hunt, head over to Junk Junction. This scrapyard area is known for its abundance of resources and hidden treasures, including Quadcrashers. Don't be afraid to explore the nooks and crannies of this area to discover these hidden gems.

1.5 Risky Reels: Risky Reels, with its outdoor movie screen and open fields, is another location where you can find Quadcrashers. As you explore the area, make sure to check behind the screen and around the parking lot. Quadcrashers can often be found in these areas, waiting for an adventurous player to hop on and take off.

Features and Usage

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2.1 Boost Mechanic: One of the defining features of the Quadcrasher is its boost mechanic. By pressing the designated key (customizable in options), you can activate a swift boost, perfect for breaking through opponents' builds or surprising enemies. This boost can be a game-changer in intense battles, allowing you to quickly close the gap or escape from dangerous situations.

2.2 Shield Considerations: While the Quadcrasher offers a thrilling experience, it's important to keep in mind that it lacks a protective roof. As a result, the driver is exposed to enemy fire. Before hopping on a Quadcrasher, make sure to prioritize shield potions or other shield-granting items to ensure you have maximum protection. Having full shields can make a significant difference in your survival chances while using this vehicle.

2.3 Map Coverage with Boosts: Another advantage of the Quadcrasher is its ability to cover large distances across cliffs and mountains swiftly. Utilize the boost mechanic effectively to traverse the map quickly and efficiently. Timing is crucial, as there is a recharge time for the boost mechanic. Plan your boosts wisely, and use them strategically to gain an edge over your opponents.

Customization Options

Fortnite offers a wide range of customization options, and this extends to the controls of the Quadcrasher as well. In the options menu, you can adjust various settings according to your preferences. Consider experimenting with settings such as:

  • Left-click hunch: This allows you to change the keybind for the hunch action when in a Quadcrasher, allowing for more comfortable gameplay.
  •  Switch seat crouch key: Customize the keybind for switching seats and crouching to suit your playstyle.
  • Jump key (Space default): If you prefer a different key for jumping, you can change it to your liking.
  • Use key (E default): Customize the use key for interacting with objects, such as getting in and out of the Quadcrasher.

In Fortnite OG, finding and utilizing Quadcrashers can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. With their unique boost feature and customizable controls, these vehicles provide an exciting opportunity to break through enemy builds, traverse the map quickly, and outmaneuver opponents. However, it's important to prioritize shields and use boosts strategically to maximize your survival chances. So, happy hunting, and may the Quadcrashers drive you to victory in your Fortnite adventures!

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