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Discover the best locations on Where to Find Planes in Fortnite OG and gain an edge in aerial combat.

The November 16 update in Fortnite OG brings back classic features from Chapter 1 Season 7 and Season 8, including the highly anticipated return of planes. In this guide, we'll show you where to find these exciting aircraft and how to make the most of their capabilities. So buckle up, fellow gamers, as we embark on an epic adventure through snowy biomes and high-flying action!

 Where to Find Planes in Fortnite OG: A Friendly Guide

Location: Frosty Flights POIs

In order to locate planes in Fortnite OG, players must head to the snowy biome, where the Frosty Flights POIs serve as their primary hub. These locations are situated in the corner of the map, offering a playground for aviation enthusiasts. As you approach Frosty Flights, be prepared for intense battles and thrilling aerial encounters.

X-4 Stormwings Planes

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The X-4 Stormwings planes are your ticket to soaring through the skies of Fortnite OG. These impressive aircraft can accommodate up to five players, making them perfect for squad adventures. With their sleek design and powerful engines, the Stormwings are a force to be reckoned with. They provide players with a thrilling and unique way to experience the game.

 Flight Functions

The planes in Fortnite OG come equipped with various flight functions that enhance the gameplay experience. The Boost Function allows players to activate a burst of speed, perfect for quick getaways or aggressive maneuvers. The Airbrake feature is crucial for precise maneuvering, helping players avoid crashing into obstacles or buildings. Mastering these flight functions is essential for becoming a skilled pilot.

Mounted Machine Gun

One of the most exciting features of the planes in Fortnite OG is the mounted machine gun. Non-piloting players need not worry about being left defenseless, as each plane comes equipped with a powerful weapon. The mounted machine gun provides unlimited ammo and allows players to engage enemies while airborne. This adds a new level of strategy to the game, as players must coordinate their attacks both on the ground and in the air.

 Speedy Travel and Storm Escapes

The planes in Fortnite OG are renowned for their incredible speed, making them the fastest form of travel in the game. When navigating long distances, hopping into a plane can save valuable time and give players a strategic advantage. Additionally, the planes provide a safe escape from encroaching storms, allowing players to quickly reach safety zones. This makes them a valuable asset during intense battles and storm-survival scenarios.

 Safety Measures

While the planes in Fortnite OG offer exhilarating aerial combat opportunities, players must also be mindful of safety measures. If your plane gets shot down, it will explode and deal 25 damage to those still aboard. To avoid taking unnecessary damage, it's best to eject and glide away before your plane meets its explosive fate. This adds an element of risk and decision-making to the gameplay, as players must weigh the benefits of staying in a damaged plane versus safely ejecting.

With the reintroduction of planes in Fortnite OG, players now have an exhilarating new way to traverse the map and escape storms. Whether you're seeking high-flying action or a strategic advantage, these aircrafts are sure to provide endless hours of fun. So strap in, fellow gamers, and get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in the skies of Fortnite OG! Remember to master the flight functions, utilize the mounted machine gun, and always consider safety measures while piloting these impressive aircraft. Happy flying!

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