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Discover effective solutions on How to Fix Split Screen Not Working in Fortnite OG and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions.

The v27.10 update in Fortnite has brought exciting additions from Chapter 1 Season 7 and 8, but it has also introduced a few bugs and technical issues. One of these issues is the inability to use the split screen mode for local multiplayer. However, fear not! Epic Games is aware of this problem and is working diligently to resolve it. In the meantime, let's go through some steps that might help you get back to enjoying split screen with your friends.

How to Fix Split Screen Not Working in Fortnite OG

Step 1: Return to the Lobby

After finishing a match, you may have noticed that the "Ready Up" option is no longer available. To initiate split screen mode, you'll need to return to the lobby. Don't worry; it's just a small detour!

When you finish a match, instead of queuing up for another game immediately, go back to the lobby. This will allow you to access the necessary settings to enable split screen mode. Look for the "Return to Lobby" option and select it.

Step 2: Connect Both Controllers

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To enable split screen functionality, ensure that both controllers are properly connected to your console. This can be done by syncing them with your gaming device following the manufacturer's instructions.

For PlayStation users, connect the second controller using a USB cable or by pressing the PlayStation button on the second controller. The console will prompt you to assign the controller to a user profile.

For Xbox users, press the Xbox button on the second controller to sync it with your console. If prompted, sign in with a separate Xbox Live profile.

Step 3: Invite Your Friend

Once both controllers are successfully connected, invite your friend to join the game. Make sure they have their own Epic Games account and are ready for some epic adventures together!

In the lobby, navigate to the "Friends" tab and find your friend's username. Select their name and choose the "Invite to Party" option. Your friend will receive a notification and can join your party by accepting the invitation.

Step 4: Launch Split Screen Automatically

With everything set up, start the game and let the magic happen! The split screen mode should automatically activate once both players are in-game.

Once your friend has joined your party, select the game mode you want to play together. As the game loads, the split screen mode should activate automatically, dividing the screen into two sections, one for each player.

Monitoring Progress

While we eagerly await Epic Games' bug fix, it's essential to stay informed about their progress. You can do this by keeping an eye on their official Fortnite Status Twitter/X page for updates and announcements regarding bug fixes and feature restoration.

Follow the official Fortnite Twitter account or check their website for any updates on the split screen issue. Epic Games is actively working on resolving the problem, and they will provide information on when the bug fix will be released.

Although currently experiencing some hiccups with split screen mode in Fortnite OG, rest assured that Epic Games is actively working on resolving this issue. By following these steps and staying tuned for updates from Epic Games, you'll soon be back to enjoying split screen multiplayer with your friends. Happy gaming!

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