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2020-10-23 06:42:50

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Guide to learn where to find the Ghostbusters car in Fortnite Fortnitemares

 Most players are excited about the short Halloween event in the game called "Fortnitemares" which you can imagine why the name is. It turns out that thanks to this special edition, one of those delicacies appears in the form of the Ghostbusters' car, the famous Ecto-1. You can find this on the map right now if you know where to look, if not, don't worry! we will guide you in the right direction.

Where to find the ghostbusters car in Fortnite Fortnitemares?

Head to Camp Cod. South of Catty Corner and just off the coast of the main island, you'll find the smaller island that makes up Camp Cod. A new barn has been installed there.

Inside the barn, you will find a car covered by a tarp. Although the canvas covers the details, from the relief and everything else you can tell that it is Ekto-1, the car that the Ghostbusters used to move around New York City while trying to deal with various spirits.
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If you don't think it is and want more proof, give it a few bumps with your gathering tool. The trademark siren will go off and you will see reality.

Don't forget that Fortnitemares also means a lot of new challenges. You can find them all below, with some helpful guides to help you solve them as quickly as possible to get your free rewards.

  Now that you know where to find the Ghostbusters car in Fortnite Fortnitemares you will be able to use this incredible vehicle in the game and you will ride with the style that fits the season. Luck!

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