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Knowing how to rank up in the Bozjan Southern Front in Final Fantasy XIV is very important, and today we will teach you how to do it.

Why rank up on Bozjan's southern front in Final Fantasy XIV?

You will have to specifically go up to level 10 allows you to access Castrum Lacus Litore, raiding the fortress with up to 48 players to get special rewards. But also, this will allow you to access additional map areas within Bozjan southern front, So pay attention, if you want to know how to rank up on Bozjan southern front.

How to rank up on Bozjan southern front in Final Fantasy XIV?

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One way to rank up is by earning Mettle, which will allow you to rank up your stamina. To obtain Mettle you will have to complete a series of missions fighting with enemies, joining clashes and more. You will know what your current amount of Mettle is available and how much Mettle needs to rank up by reviewing the new interface part that will be displayed to you.

Keep in mind that by positioning yourself at rank 5, you will start to lose Mettle each time you die and although you can get it back if someone raises you, it is best to avoid losing Mettle. You will also lose Mettle when you return to camp, so be careful.

Remember to pay attention to missed actions and other abilities, to ease Mettle's grind, and make sure you don't die so often.

  That's all you need to know about how to rank up in Bozjan southern front at Final Fantasy XIV, we hope you can rank up much faster by following our tips.

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