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The Genshin Impact universe shows us more and more adventures which allows us to talk to you about how to use the Kurious camera and win troves

Why use the Kurious camera in Genshin Impact?

This is one of the objects that we can use in this game, and it belongs to the most recent version which is 1.3 and which is part of a recent event called "Five Star Fortune Event", as this allows us to know how to use the Kurious camera and earn troves, in this way we are offered the possibility of taking some number of photos, in addition, it is possible to share them, but this does not end there because we obtain some rewards that at this point are favorable.
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    How to use Kurious camera and earn troves in Genshin Impact?

    Our task begins when we go north of Liyue and visit Ji Tong in Genshin Impact, talk to him when we get to the docks, as it seems to be going a somewhat complex situation, and this is because Fontaine's camera is taking some photos with atypical colors, in this way it assigns us the occupation of taking some photographs, in such a way that this allows us to make clear what he has indicated, this simply translates into occupying ourselves a little and choosing to get objects that may contain a color that can match the camera so that it can work, in this way we venture into a fairly simple task where we will look for objects of the color of the day that is indicated to us and we make that knowing how to use the Kurious camera and win troves can become like a type activity of the simplest, and from there have the option of equipping it.

    It should be noted that to know how to use the Kurious camera and win troves it is vital to have some details in Genshin Impact where it is worth indicating:


    •  This camera has a different functionality from the traditional one, which indicates that to take photos it is only necessary to drag the box in the center over the object that we consider photographing.
    • This camera has the ability to take the photo immediately as soon as it detects the object we want.
    • Another interesting detail to consider this camera in Genshin Impact is that it takes one photo for each object.
    • There are 5 random colors to reach the treasure, which leads us to consider well the objects to be photographed to reach the goal, these colors are ultramarine, crimson, aster purple, ocher and pale gold.
    • Knowing how to use the Kurious camera and earn troves allows us to have the amount of 10 sheets of film per day which implies using them in objects that can really be favorable and that allows us to get the necessary colors to finish this task.
    • The list of friends we have is vital, because with it, it is possible to send photos freely and this is usually done in the "photo exchange" tab, this means that it is not necessary to despair if for some reason we do not get exactly one of each of the mentioned colors.
    • To check the photos that our friends send us in Genshin Impact it is necessary to go to the “received” tab in the “photo exchange”, in this way we check the images that our friends have sent us.
    • There is a limit of unclaimed photos at a time, since any additional photos will simply be deleted which makes us continually review because the highest accumulated amount is 50.
    • The event "five stars of fortune" has a time limit to take the photos and this ranges from February 3 at 1am PST until February 10 at 1am PST, time in which it is possible to get at least about 8 trophies in Genshin Impact.
    • There is a deadline to exchange the photos of the event, and it is until February 13.


     Knowing how to use the Kurious camera and earn troves allows us to have the possibility of opting for these rewards:


    •  60 primogems for each trophy which represents a total of 480 primogems.
    • We can get 12 heroes of wit.
    • It is possible to collect 24 Mystic Upgrade Minerals.
    • 120,000 Blackberry, (these last three rewards mentioned are random)


     This is everything you need to know about how to use the Kurious camera and earn troves, with this we are allowed to work on one of the most recent events that Genshin Impact brings to us.

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