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If you made it this far it's because you want to know how to get more resistance rank on Bozjan's southern front at Final Fantasy XIV and yes, we've got you covered!

How does the Bozjan leveling system work in Final Fantasy XIV?

On the southern front, a unique leveling system works, an increased resistance rank that you will climb to as you grow Mettle, however not getting rank is so easy to climb in this range, since there are only a few ways to do it. And precisely doing so will allow you to increase your storage of lost shares and get better lost shares.

How to get more resistance rank on Bozjan's southern front in Final Fantasy XIV?

Ways to gain more resistance rank is by cultivating Mettle from skirmishes, critical engagements, and completing story missions on Bozjan's southern front.

However, the first thing you need to know is that your rank will only increase when you already have a certain amount of Mettle and have spoken with Commander Bozjan at the base camp. And although you might think that you can win Mettle by killing monsters, the truth is that you cannot, instead, you will have to clear Skirmishes, complete Critical Encounters and complete story missions that you will be able to access as you rank up.

How to get more resistance rank on Bozjan's southern front in Final Fantasy XIV? - Hunting skirmishes

Skirmishes make up most of the content on Bozjan's Southern Front. You can easily find them here and the reward you get for getting rid of them will depend on the type of FATE, the region and the current resistance rank

Note that Bozjan's southern front with three regions, region two is unlocked at stamina rank 5 and region three upon reaching rank 9.
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How to get more resistance rank on Bozjan's southern front in Final Fantasy XIV? - Critical encounters

This type of confrontation appears when certain criteria are met, almost always depending on the number of people in the area and the number of skirmishes you have already killed.

Registration will be required in order to participate and there is a limit to the capacity of players who can participate, in addition to increasing your chances of being chosen when completing Skirmishes in Bozja. Just remember to accept the invitation if you are chosen.

There is a type of confrontation that goes by the name of "doubles" and that will allow you to obtain the amount of Mettle that all the members of Bozja obtain when they are completed, something without a doubt that is very useful. The bad thing is that these encounters are not achieved very easily and are difficult to eliminate, since you will have to be victorious in a critical encounter without receiving a single hit, then you will have to register with the rest that have managed to classify so that only one is elected and can face the boss of bosses, so get ready.

How to get more resistance rank on Bozjan's southern front in Final Fantasy XIV? - Missions

The missions will allow you to get a good amount of Mettle, despite being limited. There is usually one per resistance rank. Completing them will allow you to get Mettle, unlock new regions, new content and features.

You must bear in mind that you will lose the Mettle if you die after having positioned yourself at rank 5, your consolation is that you will not lose the resistance ranks.

 Now that you know how to get more resistance rank on the southern front of Bozjan at Final Fantasy XIV, you are ready to move on in this area and get as much range as possible.

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