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Sometimes we have the ability to make interesting choices and that is why today we will explain to you which are the best cheap FIFA 23 players.

What is the point of knowing the best cheap FIFA 23 players?

 Having the opportunity to have among our team players who are competitive, who have good skills, abilities and statistics, but who do not have a lot of money, this is because there is the possibility of having finite resources and we must make adjustments that do not interfere , it should be noted that the market value of a player is usually calculated in a balanced way according to his OVR, it should be noted that in some cases it is likely that there may be various factors that affect the cost and this makes it subtract value in the market .

What are the best cheap FIFA 23 players?

 It is necessary to take into account that we must focus on carrying out a particular search, there are players who do not require a lot of money due to:
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  • Players who usually have contracts that expire in less than a year.
  • Any player who may have a long-term injury.
  • Players who may be on the transfer list.


 In this task to know the best cheap FIFA 23 players, it is necessary to take into account that some of the factors listed above can make players have a lower value in the market, even when they are good, so hiring them could work for us, In the case of players who usually have less than a year of contract, it could work well for us, this allows us to incorporate them into our team.

Here is the list of Best Cheap FIFA 23 Players.

Tomáš Vaclík: This is a veteran player who allows us to save a good amount of money, he has:


  •  Age: 33
  • Position: GK
  • OVR: 80


Daniel Sundgren: This is a Swedish player who is part of this list and who can do a lot for our team. He has:


  •  Age: 31
  • Position: RWB/CB
  • OVR: 71



 Boualem khukhi: this player is part of the best cheap players of FIFA 23, he is an international option that is usually a defense and has:


  •  Age: 32
  • Position: CB/CDM
  • OVR: 71


 Loïc négo: this Hungarian player usually has the ability to face various positions, he is the perfect player for difficult times and with few resources, he has:

  •  Age: 31
  • Position: RM/RB/CM
  • OVR: 72


 Florina Tănase: a player of Romanian origin who is young and who can give a lot for our team without having to spend a lot, this one has:


  •  Age: 27
  • Position: CF/ST/CM
  • OVR: 72


 Akram Afif: This is a player from Qatar, he is usually an excellent backup player, he is young and of course cheap, he has:


  •  Age: 25
  • Position: LW/CF/CAM
  • OVR: 76


 Now that we know the list of the best cheap players in FIFA 23, it is necessary to consider the best players with contracts, some of these usually have less than a year left on their contract, they are not very cheap, but it is possible to try to change their contract a bit to that this can be within the range that we require, these are:

Karim Benzema: this is a legend at Real Madrid and it is highly probable that he has two more or less seasons left, he is a player who is usually guaranteed to score many goals and because he has little time left it is possible manage to pay something less than what it is worth in the market, it has:


  •  Age: 35
  • Position: CF/ST
  • OVR: 91


 Jan Oblak: this is a player from Slovakia, he has a contract with Atlético de Madrid and it is close to ending, which allows us to have the ability to acquire him for less than the market value and has:


  •  Age: 29
  • Position: GK
  • OVR: 89


 Toni Kroos: This is a German player who usually has a good track record and is a bit older, this makes it possible to hire him because we can haggle for a slightly less expensive contract, he has:


  •  Age: 32
  • Position: CM
  • OVR: 88


 Iñigo Martínez: this is a player who has concentrated his career playing for Spain and who usually has a solid presence, he has a contract because it is about to expire and this allows us to have the possibility of hiring him, this account with:


  •  Age: 31
  • Position: CB
  • OVR: 82


 We conclude this guide on the best cheap FIFA 23 players, so that it will only be enough to hire the ones that can best approach our budget.

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