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FIFA offers us various actions to execute, so we will explain how to score volleys in FIFA 23.

What are volleys in FIFA 23?

  These are just one of the ways we have in this game and that allows us to have the ability to score a goal, this can be effective more regularly if we have the ability, this allows us to have the ability to hit the ball in the air, this is part of the game mechanics and although it is true, there are several things that keep this game traditional, it should be noted that there are changes of interest that we cannot waste.

How to score volleys in FIFA 23?

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It is necessary to be clear that volleys allow you to keep a ball in the air, but having a perfect moment, which is what is required, is somewhat difficult, sometimes we can lose the ball, however, in this case it is necessary to take care of give our striker a cross and for this we only have to press Square or X near the edge of the box, by having the ball travel through the air it is necessary to make sure that our striker can shoot the ball with the circle or B, When aiming the volley at the target, we use our left analog stick and release Circle or B as appropriate to the console where we are playing.

To score volleys we must:


  •  Press Circle on PS4 or PS5.
  • Press B in the case of playing on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S.


In this sense, knowing how to score volleys in FIFA 23 offers us the opportunity to apply a particular game mechanic and make more goals, try it.

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