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One of the fundamental activities with which we get ourselves in Fallout 76 Wastelanders is the saber How to complete gold of of bot, let's see.

Mobilizing through this game leads us to get allies and work with them, since they are usually the most suitable to complete some missions with which we are going to get, and what we reveal some very important stories.

How to complete gold of bot in Fallout 76 Wastelanders?

Starting this activity leads us to start a conversation with Becket, because we will have a conversation related to the missing girl, and this is mainly because Edwin is sick and needs a bot on the part of the girl, just that at the moment she is not available, and that is a real drawback, so our goal is to choose to rescue it since it is in the mining headquarters doing an interesting search, the search for gold of bot.
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    22 capsules are the necessary amount to get to the headquarters, there we will have to go as far as the target marker is visible, it does not mean that you can enter comfortably without suffering a scratch, because we will have to have some luck and eliminate the guardian who is working as a protector here.

    After getting rid of this enemy we will finally be able to access the building and equip ourselves with the trajectory of vault 76 since we will have more enemies waiting for us and we must face each other to rescue the babysitter, who is captured on a floating platform, we will have to take her and leave with her back to the camp where Becket is to finish our mission and prepare us to progress in this game that gets more and more interesting.

    Now you know how to complete gold of bot, this is a necessary activity to choose to make Becket your ally, just do it and give him one more reason to be on your side in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

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