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If you still don't know how to play Peacekeeper Quests in Escape From Tarkov you will have to pay attention because here we will tell you how to do it.

What are Escape From Tarkov Peacekeeper Quests.

It is one of the series of missions that can be unlocked after completing some missions.

How to play Peacekeeper Quests in Escape From Tarkov.

To unlock this series of missions you will have to meet Skier and complete the missions titled "Friend of the West Part 1" and "Friend of the West Part 2".

In the mission "Friend of the West Part 2" you will have to give the skier more than 6,000 dollars, so you will have to have the necessary amount of money before starting.

You can get dollars by buying them with rubles, finding loot, or selling items to Peacekeepers.

After completing both missions and giving the money to the skier you will have to wait until you receive a call from the Peacekeepers.
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Below we will list the 29 Quests that make up the Peacekeeper series:

  • Fishing team.
  • Tigr Safari.
  • Scrap.
  • Eagle Eye.
  • Humanitarian supplies.
  • The Cult - Part 1.
  • The Cult - Part 2.
  • Spa Tour - Part 1.
  • Spa Tour - Part 2.
  • Spa Tour - Part 3.
  • Spa Tour - Part 4.
  • Spa Tour - Part 5.
  • Spa Tour - Part 6.
  • Spa Tour - Part 7.
  • Charge X - Part 1.
  • Charge X - Part 2.
  • Charge X - Part 3.
  • Wet Job - Part 1.
  • Wet Job - Part 2.
  • Wet Job - Part 3.
  • Wet Job - Part 4.
  • Wet Job - Part 5.
  • Mentor.
  • Wet Job - Part 6.
  • The Guide.
  • Samples
  • TerraGroup employee.
  • Loan Leasing - Part 2.
  • Peacekeeping mission.

  Thus ends our guide on how to play Peacekeeper Quests in Escape From Tarkov, we hope that now that you know how to access all the Quests you will be able to access them and complete them quickly.

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