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2022-03-13 22:46:12

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Elden Ring offers us more searches and for this reason today we will tell you where to find the Mohgwyn palace.

What is Mohgwyn's palace in Elden Ring?

This is a place that is present in this game and that there is no possibility of getting it randomly because it is usually covered in mystery, but this is not only there, because knowing where to find the Mohgwyn palace can be difficult, entering it is equally complicated.

Where to find Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring?

To execute this search, it is necessary to know White-Faced Varre, who is not just an NPC, we must be able to interact with this character in the church, and he will be in charge of giving us a mission that is usually related to the invasion of the worlds of other players, and this implies:

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  • Do this invasion at least three times.
  • Use bloody fingers.
  • Soak the cloth in favor of the maiden's Lord of Blood.

It is necessary to take into account that Verre will give us the Pure Knight Medal, in addition to the Bloody Finger, as long as we successfully complete the tasks.

Each of the objects we receive usually works for a particular activity, and they are:

  • The Pure Knight Medal allows you to invade other people's worlds as many times as you deem necessary.

  • The Bloody Finger allows us to transfer to the Mohgwyn Palace.

It should be noted that the palace is usually full of enemies and these are quite strong, which means that they will do us considerable damage, so accessing this place is a task that can be possible as long as we are prepared to sustain combat, although, there is the possibility of applying another way of doing it and this implies going to the north side of the consecrated grounds to find the portal that usually takes us through an underground passage, when we reach the end of it we will see the palace.

Generally speaking, knowing where to find Mohgwyn Palace gives us the opportunity to engage in some combat through Elden Ring.

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