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Angel Marquez
2022-05-11 16:39:11

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With our Elden Ring guide you will learn more about How to get the Halo Scythe.

What to know about the Halo Scythe in Elden Ring?

  It is found by Lands Between, which is wielded by Cleanrot Kinghts, it is a weapon that is above others with a unique ability, it has the weapon art of Miquella's Ring of Light, with which we can move the scythe to create a ring lusa swivel that is flying with a curved pattern, achieving improvements in faith and adequate against group enemies, to know how to get the Halo Scythe you have to follow some instructions that are presented below, let's see.

How to get the Halo Scythe in Elden Ring?

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We have several options to find it, considering that it is dropped by the Cleanrot Kinghts, there are certainly not many of them, the best is in the Caelid region, east of Limgrave, being here we have to go to the center of the swamp, where the chief commander O'Neil, you have to defeat him to have access to the place of grace in the heart of Aeonia, from here we can go south where the Cleanrot Kinghts will be, it will only be enough to defeat him and if we use a bird's leg our chances of falling the scythe will be greater.

  We can conclude that knowing how to get the Halo Scythe is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it in Elden Ring.

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