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Angel Marquez
2022-05-07 15:47:27

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Delve into the Elden Ring universe because today we will tell you how to get the crystal staff.

What to know about the crystal staff in Elden Ring?

It is one of many that are necessary for the casting of our spells, this specifically consists of a tool created with pure crystal, it does not have the ability and it is not possible to be infused, but we can get additional damage for each spell that we launch with this, then it is very opportune that we know how to get the crystal staff and to help us the following content is presented in this guide.

How to get the crystal staff in Elden Ring?

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This quest will place us in the Liurnia region, we have to go through the Stormviel castle, where we face Margit and Godrick to reach Liurnia, optionally there is also the path of the cliff, which allows us to avoid the process of going through Stormveil, the thing is that when we are in Liurnia we have to go north to the outside of the Raya Lucaria academy, here we stay outside along the cliff heading west, at some point we will be with a wall of fog that It has an imp statue, here we will use the pair of keys so that this wall is eliminated, gaining access to the crystal cave academy, we will go through here until we reach a room passing the wooden door, we hit the wall of the left to notice an illusory wall, we continue along this path until we reach a chest that contains the crystal staff, now for its management we depend on 48 intelligence.

 Finally, now that we know how to get the crystal staff we can continue in Elden Ring.

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