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Angel Marquez
2022-05-10 17:12:28

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We invite you to discover How to Get the ClawMark Seal, a new task in Elden Ring.

What to know about the clawmark seal in Elden Ring?

  It is one of the first that we are going to be able to get through Lands Beteen, the use of this type of seal requires 10 faith, something that makes it easy for us to do, it does not have weapon art, but it has an advantage that allows us to improve the amount of damage that we will do with the use of our enchantments, among which Beast Claw, Bestial Sling and Bestial Vitality stand out, to have an idea of what to do regarding How to obtain the claw mark seal, let's follow closely the following content.

How to get the clawmark seal in Elden Ring?

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We have to go to Caelid, the region to the east of Limgrave and Mistwood, being here we will see a red on the ground, now heading towards the extreme northeast of the region to meet Beast Clergyman Gurranq, it is somewhat complex to find him, but it is A shortcut is appropriate, so we will use the teleportation chest that is in the ruins burned by the dragon in Limgrave, it will place us in the center of Caelid through the Sellia crystal tunnel, we can even go directly to Gurranq with the stone of deformation that is behind the church of Marika in Mostwood, it is necessary apart from reaching this location that we get a specific item, it is the Deathroot, this is located in a small town that is northeast of Limgrave, it is Summonwater Village, in this place there is a Mariner boss who drops the item that is required when defeated, you just have to give Gurranq the Deathroot to get the claw mark seal.

 Now that we know how to get the clawmark seal, we have to do it to follow our progress and fun in Elden Ring.

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