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In the universe of Elden Ring we have many tasks, one of them is How to fix Rennala’s Shielders Not Spawning and here it will be covered.

What to know about Rennala’s Shielders Not Spawning in Elden Ring?

Facing Rennala, a boss of the game we can progress in the story, only it is optional, but at this moment there are some errors that prevent our progress, which causes frustration in many of us, so looking to understand How to fix Rennala’s Shielders Not Spawning the following content of this guide is presented, let's see it.

How to fix Rennala’s Shielders Not Spawning in Elden Ring?

There are a few options to consider to help us and these are the following:
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Summon our partner outside the door of the bosses, then we will enter before the summons is complete and our partner appears, which will make Rennala's bubble appear and our partner will access after us.

Restarting the game in its entirety so that when you start it it can work correctly, it is basic, but it can be the ideal solution.

Failure to skip the cutscene may be the reason for the problem, so we need to skip it to see if the error doesn't occur.

Something that causes the error is that we have a partner or friend in our game, so we will try to see if playing alone does not appear, despite the fact that winning alone is complex.

If we do not come to anything with all of the above, we must seek to avoid this part of the game to do something else and thus return again with this boss.

 Now that we know how to fix Rennala’s Shielders Not Spawning, it only remains to apply it to return to normal gameplay in Elden Ring.

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