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2021-02-05 07:29:08

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Our work at Dead by Daylight brings us closer to faults and for this reason we will tell you how to fix error code 8012.

What is error code 8012 in Dead by Daylight?

It is a problem that is related to the connectivity of the server or our system, this is presented by means of a message that indicates that it cannot connect to online services and that it should be tried later, this happens in multiple devices , then to find some solutions in the following text we will talk about How to fix the error code 8012, let's see.

How to fix error code 8012 in Dead by Daylight?

It should be taken into account that this error can be caused by the failure of the server or the service of our platform that lead to other connectivity errors, to find a solution we can do the ones presented below.


  •  The status of the service: we must check the operation of the service for this we will go to Down Detector to detect if there is a server crash, and also the forum or the web can guide us on the current situation of this situation, taking into account that many failures have been seen in the server connection, it becomes necessary to wait for the solution.
  • The internet connection: this error code can be generated by some problem on the internet, when speed is affected for example, then it is ideal that we do a restart of our router and try to connect again, even the mobile access point can take us to the problem, and it is necessary to check even the WiFi.
  • Restart the PC: those of us who are on the PC there is the possibility that the error is corrected with just a restart, being something that for some users has resulted, in short the application of all the methods is necessary and if it does not work, it only remains contact the appropriate official.

 In this way we reach the end of our explanation on How to fix error code 8012, we hope it has been useful for your return to normal in Dead by Daylight.

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