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We have made an explanatory guide on How to Unlock the Safe in Duck Detective The Secret Salami.

In the intriguing puzzle game Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, the boss's safe holds crucial secrets to solving the case. Opening it requires cunning, attention to detail, and a touch of detective ingenuity. To guide you through this process, we will delve into the steps required, expanding the explanation with additional examples and details.

How to Unlock the Safe in Duck Detective The Secret Salami?

Accessing the Boss's Office

To initiate the safe-opening sequence, it is crucial to ensure that Manfred has left the boss's office. This occurs after Duck Detective summons everyone to the kitchen to discuss the findings following the birthday party.

Locating the Clue

Once the boss's office is vacated, the next step is to locate the sticky note containing the code clue. This note is usually located in the safe itself, waiting to be discovered by the detective's watchful eye.

Cracking the Code

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Analyzing the Clue

The key to cracking the code lies in the sticky note, which features the mysterious sequence "CS/OO/BD." At first glance, this series of letters may seem like a riddle, but by applying deductive logic, its meaning is revealed.

Each letter represents a category of employees at Bus Bears, the company in which the game takes place:

  • CS: Customer Service - Represented by Laura and Margaret
  • OO: Operations Office - With only one member, Freddy
  • BD: Bus Driver - Initially, only Boris is known, but an additional piece of information complicates the situation.

Considering the Additional Clue

  • A crucial element to cracking the entire code is the additional clue about the number of bus drivers. While only Boris has been found, a piece of paper in the main office, near Freddy, reveals that there are four drivers in total.
  • This seemingly contradictory information serves as a key clue. The four bus stops seen in the game could also be interpreted as a clue pointing to the number four.

Cracking the Code

By combining the information about the employee categories and the additional clue about the bus drivers, the full code for the safe can be deduced. The final code is: 2-1-4.

This code represents the number of employees in each department:

  • 2 - Customer Service (Laura and Margaret)
  • 1 - Operations Office (Freddy)
  • 4 - Bus Drivers (Boris and the three additional drivers mentioned in the clue)

Opening the Safe and Revealing Secrets

Entering the Code

With the code cracked, the next step is to enter it into the safe's control panel.
By correctly entering the sequence 2-1-4, the safe will open, revealing its valuable contents inside.

Obtaining the Keys

Inside the opened safe, you will find the keys to the server room. These keys are essential to access the server room and continue progressing in the investigation of the case.

In conclusion, opening the boss's safe in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is a challenge that requires insight, analysis, and attention to detail. By carefully following the steps outlined and understanding the clues provided, players will be able to unlock this treasure trove of information and advance in their search for the truth.

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