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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot brings us an excellent challenge and we cannot waste it, let's see How to beat Beerus

Who is Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

Beerus is nothing but the God of destruction and makes an appearance in this game, as it has been incorporated in the latest DLC, the detail is that this combat will not be absolutely easy, it has many complexities, since this character has with a level of 250, and that is saying a lot, implying with it the need to know how to beat Beerus as a fundamental aspect, since he has certain movements that are simply very difficult to dodge as well as his HP that is quite high.

This character is possibly one of the most complex that we will be able to face in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, and not being prepared for this battle is simply lethal, since this is really a quite particular fight, since it will be extremely necessary to get to carry out a fairly strong training which It implies achieving a sufficiently high level of experience where the Super Saiyan God form is at our complete disposal and thus finding a fairly feasible battle, because knowing how to beat Beerus is a task that makes us move quickly.
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    What do we need to beat Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

    Normally another enemy can be moderately feasible with the normal techniques and skills that we have learned as the game progresses, but knowing how to beat Beerus simply leads us to another level, where the acquired skills will play an excellent role, and for this it is It is necessary to have some specific requirements and these are:

    • Eliminate any skill focused on teamwork since to face Beerus it is necessary to do it alone.
    • The use of objects here will not be executed.
    • The Orb Magnet's abilities are simply useless.
    • Achieve level 250 with the player we want to face Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.
    • Abilities like Ultimate Power, Destructive Strike, Strong Strike, Fighting Instinct, and Rampant Power are simply not helpful in this battle.
    • The Indomitable Spirit moves, Brick Wall, King of Ki. God super self Saiyan are workable.

    How to beat Beerus in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot?

    The fight with this God of Destruction is undoubtedly quite complex for it to know How to beat Beerus is a necessary task, starting mainly from the possibility that he will do everything possible to generate any attack that just touching us can leave us stiff thanks to your abilities.

     Ki Orbs: This is the first attack that Beerus launched at us when we first faced each other in a battle in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, to counter it it is necessary to use the “ki ray”, as this makes the ki orbs unable to touch us, Well, if we do it, we would suffer quite formidable damage and it is the last thing we want to achieve since our goal is to know how to beat Beerus

     The Wrath of the God of Destruction: This is another of the attacks that Beerus has under his belt, where he will launch some bursts of lightning, for this it is necessary to do everything possible to dodge them, the detail is that this attack causes him in an open field and in bursts of 3, which is not very complicated in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, but it will take time, since we must be smart and attack him with a lightning fight to get to touch him, because we will feel somewhat satisfied because we can attack him.

     Projectile firing: this is an attack that Beerus has in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot only that we must be intelligent and place ourselves far enough so that they do not reach us or simply avoid them, in addition there is the possibility of using the ki ray to eliminate these projectiles and with it harm Beerus, only at this point this enemy is usually placed behind to teleport, but we must choose to be smart and block this possibility and that activity is done just by blocking said execution by pressing Square on PS4 or X on Xbox One, because simply Knowing How to beat Beerus is a mandatory task with which we get ourselves and we cannot expect it to be a simple battle, we are talking about a god.

    Beerus Ball: During this first part of the combat Beerus will be able to execute some quite strong tacks in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot and Beerus Ball is ideal since this attack has a certain resemblance to a ki ball, for this it is ideal to get away from Beerus a lot, The disappearance is usually the best alternative, this makes things a little easier because we can get behind Beerus to avoid being hit, we can do this exercise by pressing X on PS4 or A on Xbox One, since it is the most accurate way to avoid this hit since this is a lethal attack, because it is precisely the blow that Beerus had planned to destroy the beat in Dragon Ball Z.

    In the first phase of the combat we managed to get Beerus to take considerable damage but not enough to be defeated, since this enemy is simply strong enough and it will not be very easy to knock him down, but at least we get that at least 5 health bars have been exhausted and this represents a considerable advance, the detail is that this sparks a series of unpredictable attacks on Beerus, so knowing how to beat Beerus little by little becomes extremely necessary.

     The second phase of this Dragon Ball Z Kakarot combat simply becomes more intense and surviving here is complex but not impossible as long as we apply the necessary techniques, which includes the possibility of taking not a single hit from our enemy and performing a sudden influx of blows to make him vulnerable, thus allowing us to achieve high possibilities of dodging the attacks generated by Beerus, this is phenomenal because as we know how to use objects here is not an option, but it is a time to use the Surge mode and heal ourselves.

     Beerus is simply strong but not invincible, so making use of our abilities from the available node of the skill tree is fantastic, because with this we can make the enemy's effectiveness simply become quite low allowing us to know how to beat Beerus in a certain way. Less complex due to its wear and tear, since we have caused this with the blows that have caused it severe physical damage, here it only counts to put into practice the attacks learned, the skills acquired and the perseverance.

     In general terms, knowing How to beat Beerus simply makes us extremely active, because just with the idea that this is the god of destruction makes us face new challenges in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

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