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This time we return with a guide with the aim of explaining how to make cheesecake in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What to know about cheesecake in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  It is one of the recipes that we can make in the game in order to make a profit, this being necessary, it requires some ingredients, now to be aware of what we must do for the cheesecake, let's take into account a series of indications that this guide will present below.

How to make cheesecake in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

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4 ingredients are required as it is a 4-star recipe, these being cheese, wheat, sugar cane and any fruit, they will be available through the different biomes of the game or by completing some missions, this may lead us to have to unlock some biomes and locations to find them.

  Through the purchase at Chez Remy Pantry for 180 star coins we can obtain cheese, which requires unlocking the Chez Remy restaurant, for wheat you have to do it in Peaceful Meadows after buying Wheat Seeds from Goofy Stall for one star coin , while we can also buy wheat from Goofy for 3 star coins, in the case of sugar cane we have that its availability is for 29 star coins with Goofy Stall of Dazzle Beach, added to this in the same position we can access with 5 star coins to the seeds of the sugar cane to cultivate it.

  About 17 minutes it will take this seed to be sugarcane crops, in case we do not have Dazzle Beach unlocked we will do it for 1000 Dreamlight, if any fruit is necessary we will use the one we find, there are no seeds for these so we must get them from the plants.

  This is how we finish our guide on How to make cheesecake in Disney Dreamlight Valley, hoping that you can get the most out of this interesting and busy game.

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