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Lidia Rozo
2022-12-13 16:02:33

More about: Disney Dreamlight Valley

We have made a guide where we will explain how to approach the animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What does it mean to approach the animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  Having the ability to enjoy another of the features that this game comes with, as we progress we get some qualities that make the game a bit more interesting, the tiny animals are usually attractive and we are allowed to get closer to them, it is worth noting that sometimes they hide, but it is our job to take care of giving them food to get them to approach us.

How to approach animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

  This game offers us a total of 8 bugs that we can approach and they are:
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Squirrel: in order to get closer to these animals, it will only be enough to find them and proceed to click the interaction button.

  Rabbit: in this case, we must agree to play tag with these bugs, we will see that they run and it is our job to chase them 3 times, once this has happened, the rabbits will stop and when doing so, we will use the interaction button to approach these.

  Raccoon: these are bugs that approaching them can be a somewhat difficult task to execute, this implies having patience to approach them, we must wait until they sit on their hind legs and avoid moving in case of standing, We must do this until we get as close as possible and when we are, proceed to interact.

  Crocodile: these bugs are also somewhat complex, they have a certain similarity to the raccoon, this implies that we must stop moving when their eyes are up.

  Fox: these creatures are usually somewhat similar to rabbits and when approaching it is necessary to chase them three times, by doing so we can approach and interact.

  Sea turtle: these are shy creatures, but when we approach them they usually hide inside the shell, we must wait there for some time until they come out again and when doing so we can approach and use the interaction button.

  Sun bird: we must take care of bumping into these and proceed to press the interaction button.

  Raven: we must approach these and let them float, it is necessary to give a total of three rounds around their head and when completed, we will press the interaction button to get closer.


  Now that we know how to approach the animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it is necessary to take into account that we can feed them in this way:


  •   Squirrels eat peanuts and apples.
  • Rabbits eat carrots.
  • Foxes eat white surgeonfish.
  • Raccoons eat blue berries.
  • Crocodiles eat lobsters.
  • Sea turtles eat seaweed.
  • Birds eat flowers with colors very similar to the colors of the feathers.
  • Ravens eat any 5-star food.


  This is all you need to know about how to approach animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley, just follow the instructions given here, try it.

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