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In a quick and complete guide, we prepare for you everything you need to know about how to heal in Disintegration.

What is Disintegration.

This is the new science fiction FPS combined with RTS elements that was developed by V1 Interactive and that was released a few hours ago on June 15, 2020 for users of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.
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    How to heal in Disintegration.

    On how to heal, there are four ways to heal yourself or your allies. The first is through the Containment Units during missions.

    These units have health regeneration fields and that you can find using the exploration capacity by pressing the circular button of the gamepad on PlayStation 4, the B button on Xbox One or the F key on PC to find them and when you find them you will have to order your squad, interact with it to restore health while inside.

    You can also interact with the green orbs that enemies drop when they die. These orbs will automatically release the nanocytes once you're on top of them, so call your team back to regroup into position and they can heal, keep in mind these orbs don't last as long as containment units.

    Depending on the mission you are playing, your cycle of gravity will come equipped with a nanocyte healer as its alternate weapon, which you can use to heal only your team members and not yourself.

    As an emergency option you can stop fighting so that after 10 seconds a small amount of health is automatically regenerated, just don't stay out of the fight too long to not put the team at risk.

     Now that you know how to heal in Disintegration you can take advantage of each of these methods depending on the situation you are in, but there will be no excuses not to heal you.

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