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This time we return with a Role Guide, aiming to tell you about Discord.

What is Discord?

It is one of the most popular platforms for us players, achieving discussions in groups or communities, the latter being better known as servers, there are a series of roles that are presented on this platform, so it is useful to have this Roles guide to get an idea to assign them, then let's move on to the next content for the details.

How are roles added in Discord?

When we have created our server it is necessary that with the right mouse button we enter it to configure it and then in the roles, they are here and we will go to the tab, which to do in the upper right part of the options, which allows changes in the role and even add a color to it, now having the new role ready, it is necessary to activate some permissions, we will do it by scrolling down, which allows us to close this part of adding them presented in this Roles Guide.

How are roles assigned in Discord?

The assignment of roles requires that we enter with the right button of the mouse to the server configuration to assign the role to our new member, we have to enter this to see the user count, then we will look for the button that is next to the name of the member to whom we are going to assign the role, finally we enter to see the roles that we can assign to this, the color change can be changed until it matches that specific role.

Finally, by having this Role Guide, it is possible to understand the details that lead to the correct use of this platform, such as Discord.

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