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With our Discord guide you will learn more about how to fix won't launch, let's see.

What to know about Discord?

 It is certainly one of the online chats that has great popularity, in the case of players it is special, the connection between users is maintained through instant messaging, making it known that we are playing, something that we can use at no cost Some, but there is an optional Premium subscription to access animated avatars, emojis and more, its compatibility with different devices is also a plus, but sometimes it can present bugs, one of them leads us to want to know how to solve it does not start, so here in this guide we will be able to find the necessary guidance to evolve it, let's see.

How to fix Discord won't launch?

  •  Update: it is important that we take into account the different updates that Discord frequently receives, this in order that there is no exploitation of exploits or malicious code, to how to solve it does not start it is useful that we take the Most current version that exists for this platform, taking into account that it can be configured to do so automatically when there is an update available.
  • Update operating system: the operation of Discord comes to depend on how current our operating system is, so we must keep it up to date so that when running the applications no problem occurs, something to consider on how to solve it does not start.
  • Close the other programs: when other programs are started in the background, this affects the use of the platform, this motivated by the resource they consume, among which the games, editing software and the antivirus stand out, this being Last one capable of blocking the platform and the games can cause problems, for this before playing we must start the Discord application.

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    • Delete application data: some corrupt data may be the cause that we cannot start the application, then it is necessary that we delete the data and for this with Windows R and then write percentappdata percent where it says execute and press enter, then a window where we write the name of the application, the corresponding folder we must delete, thereby achieving the data deleted from the server, it only remains to try to access again.
    • Finish the task in the background: through the task manager we can look for the open processes in relation to this application, after we finish it as to how to solve it does not start, what we will do is try to run it again, which may be fixed bugs at startup.
    • Date and time configuration: this turns out to be something that is automatically checked by the application, if this does not coincide we have as a result the application not starting, then this must be corrected, which is done when opening the date configuration and time, taking into account that we must activate the automatic option to be established, then we try to enter the application again.
    • Clean the DNS: different errors can occur if our DNS configuration is not adequate, to do a cleaning for its restoration, it can allow us to normally enter Discord, for this we use Windows R and write cdm, then ipconfig / flushdns, and we give it enter, then we try to enter to see if the problem has finished.
    • The web browser: this is another possible option to access the platform, this is due to the execution failure through the desktop, then we will use the web browser instead and log in, after doing so we are just going to close and try to Again, do it in a common way from our desktop, in some cases the problem may end.
    • Reinstallation: the easiest option that solves how to solve it does not start is by uninstalling the application and all those files that are related to it, after we uninstall we will do a restart of the PC, we will go to the application's website and download the most recent installation and configuration file, all you have to do is to the installation, thereby achieving a specific solution to the failure.

    Finally, now that you know how to fix won't launch, just go ahead and enjoy how much fun Discord turns out to be.

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