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Errors are normal in all games and for this reason we will explain how to Fix Unable to Connect Error in Diablo Immortal.

  What is the error Cannot connect in Diablo Immortal?

This is an inconvenience that we get in this game and that is usually related to the server, so it is necessary to know how to solve Unable to Connect Error in Diablo Immortal, this considering that as we progress we get various errors, to our good fortune, there are some actions to be taken to respond to this problem and therefore we invite you to continue reading.

How to Fix Unable to Connect Error in Diablo Immortal?

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Check the status of the server: this is one of the first actions to execute, this is because on some occasions these may be down and for this we must access @DiabloImmortal because through this route we obtain information.

 Check the internet: sometimes errors can occur due to the connections we have in this game, for this we must do a speed test in order to check the connection, in this case we must:


  •  In the case of PC, we disconnect and connect the internet cable.
  • When playing on mobile it is necessary to enable and disable airplane mode.


 Check the wireless connection: sometimes we will have to take care of restarting the Wi-Fi router, this applies to PCs and mobiles.

 Disable VPN: this is another of the options that we get, this is because some players usually use VPN services, in this case we must disable this service and restart the game.

 Restart the device: this is another of the options to execute to know how to solve Unable to Connect Error in Diablo Immortal and it is perhaps one of the easiest mechanics that we can execute.

 Clear the game cache: this is another of the fixes we have, on Android we must go to the Settings of our application and search for Diablo Immortal to clear the cache, then we will only start the game and that's it.

 Update the game: this is another of the actions to be carried out to solve this problem, sometimes outdated games usually cause us problems, this is a task that we can do through in the case of PC, in mobiles, we must do it through the Play Store or the Apple App Store.

 Reinstall the game: This is a last option to run and is usually applied in case the other fixes have not worked.

 We can conclude this guide on How to fix Unable to Connect Error in Diablo Immortal, all you have to do is run one of these solutions and thus continue enjoying the game.

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