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The searches continue to occur in Diablo Immortal and for this reason we will tell you where to find the frozen tundra.

What is frozen tundra in Diablo Immortal?

  This is nothing more than the penultimate location in this game and we must reach it, so it is necessary to embark on a search to find out where to find the frozen tundra, this taking into account that as we progress we must move to places that can turn out to be somewhat more complicated, this is part of the things that this game comes with and that it has some interesting tasks to develop there.

Where to find the frozen tundra in Diablo Immmortal?

  In order to get this location we must reach level 50 in the game, the conditions of this place are usually quite harsh, this is the home of the barbarians, we must also be attentive to everything we see, taking into account that we will come across a good amount of:
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  • Corpses.
  • monsters.
  • abandoned towns.


 To know where to find the frozen tundra it is vital to travel to the place as long as we have progressed enough through history, we must take a look at the map, it is vital to get the location of an NPC, utility points to complete missions and of course, entrances to the lairs that are hidden in this place of Diablo Immortal, we must take care of doing a search for the Worldstone fragment that we have left in Mount Zavain, pursue the monk Dravek.

 Upon reaching the tundra we will feel extreme cold that will reach our bones, however, we must continue, our path to find out where to find the frozen tundra has not yet ended, we will only have to prevent Dravek from delivering the Worldstone fragment to Skarn that he is nothing but a villain.

 It is necessary to consider completing some particular missions to walk the tundra in Diablo Immortal and they are:


  •  cold chase
  • through the ruins
  • The tear burned by ice
  • those who came before
  • blessing of the dead
  • the realm of the dead
  • A new challenge.


 Note: here we will get mobs that are usually stronger than the enemies we have fought beforehand in Diablo Immortal .

 The tundra sele to have a specific boss that is necessary to defeat and this is the Glacial Colosus, it is an extremely strong boss that we will get by going to the Cavern of Echoes, it has three phases to defeat it and once we have managed to this can fall we managed to receive some valuable rewards.

 We can conclude this guide on where to find the frozen tundra, it will only be enough to launch ourselves in this search, as long as we reach the indicated level in Diablo Immortal.

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