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Today we bring a Skyrim guide where we will tell you how to bring the pirate ship home.

What does it mean to Get Pirate Ship Home in Skyrim?

 The first thing we must consider is that this ship is a new creation that has been incorporated into the most recent update of the game and that came out this June 9, in this sense, it is necessary to know how to Get Pirate Ship Home due to that this ship is nothing more than the ideal home for a freebooter, this makes it a matter of interest to all.

 Skyrim has incorporated a number of interesting things and knowing How to Get Pirate Ship Home allows us to have the opportunity to have with us a very striking element, in the same way we are presented with the option of having the cave in which the same It is usually moored and has certain particular characteristics, among which we can observe some craft stations.

 The Skyrim update is called "The Dead Man's Dread" it houses this large pirate ship and has a large enough area, in addition to:

  • Mod cons.
  • Utility features.
  • craft stations.
  • Alchemy and enchantment tables.
  • A tan rack.
  • A blacksmith suite.
  • An area to cook.


 Knowing how to Get Pirate Ship Home makes it necessary to consider that Skyrim has:


  •  Some manufacturing stations.
  • Areas where we can display equipment and unique items.
  • We will be able to exhibit unique weapons and canes.
  • The cultivation area and abilities are usually hidden.


 How to Get Pirate Ship Home in Skyrim?

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     We must follow some particular instructions and this implies:

     Take ownership of the ship home, this allows us to confirm that Dead Man's Dread Creation is installed, once this has been done we can return to the game and go to Solitude.

     In this task to know How to Get Pirate Ship Home, it is necessary to go to Winking Skeever in Solitude in order to look for a book called "The Restless", this book is usually found on a table in the inn, we can read it to start the search by Restless.

     It is necessary to consider that the Restless mission is usually vital in Skyrim to claim Dead Man's Dread as accommodation and we must start by sending some fans to Skyrim in order to examine the pirate corpse that is usually located in the Castle Dour dungeon.

     We will be able to approach Castle Dour in two different ways, it is possible to take care of convincing the guard to facilitate access to the cell where the corpse usually is or to simplify the approach just by interacting with the Dibella Sanctuary in the Temple of the Divines to To persuade the guard, whichever option we take in Skyrim we must take care to read Kevon's note in the meda and continue through some reference points of the mission.

     In this task to know How to Get Pirate Ship Home it is possible to go to Blackborne Isle because we can find Dead Man's Dread in the grotto, here we will complete the Restless mission, however, we cannot take possession of the ship until it can be completed, in this case, it becomes necessary to get a pirate's note from a courier before we can call the ship home and in this case we must go to any of the major cities and turn the clock forward 24 hours.

     Now that you know how to Get Pirate Ship Home you can get involved in this quest task that can only be done in Skyrim, give it a try.

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