Angel Marquez
2022-01-27 08:23:33

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We welcome you to our Devour guide, where we will talk about How to hide from Anna.

What to know about Anna in Devour?

It is the first of the bosses that we face whenever we are playing chronologically, when we are then in the first of the maps it is ideal that we know how to hide from Anna and for this we can guide ourselves with the details that this guide has for us below , let's see.

How to hide from Anna in Devour?

There are many opportunities to hide, considering the small rooms that have a couple of entrances, which allows us to avoid seeing each other in a dead end, the asylum may be the best option, certainly being on the first floor of the farm we have that demons and Anna will appear, when we get very close to this boss we can cause it to start a hunt, when seen in phase 7 it will go through a growth of horns that make it look like Azazel with greater aggressiveness also in Devour.
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Anna must be stunned to calm down if she enters the hunter form, depending on our progress in the ritual is that the necessary stun will be different in number, where a goat will count as a stage, for stage 1 -3 a single stun is required, for 4-7 a couple and for 8 3 stuns are needed, it is certainly not enough to know how to hide from Anna, seeing us in front of phase 7 becomes practically useless to calm her down, because soon the hunt will arrive again, so stunning it and hiding is the best option, for the stunning to occur it is necessary that we shine our ultraviolet flashlight on its face, then we will have to run.

As for How to hide from Anna, it can be said that it will be very simple considering the rooms, the asylum being the best opportunity we have, only that the keys collected are very important to achieve it, even more so when we see ourselves in the final levels when stunning to Anna, knowing the location of the rooms is the ideal advantage to hide quickly, a key point is on the first floor near the dining room, it is an L-shaped room with a door at the ends, here we can duck and dodge it.

It is important that we have the flashlight off, noticing the audios that let us know that we should not move until it passes through the room we are in, now if we are in a group in Devour we will be notified randomly, which is possible when passing the boss close to any other player, at that moment hiding is not a guarantee of escape, you must always be prepared with the flashlight to turn it on to hit the enemy's face, being below the ritual of 7 you have to calm them down, while if we are for 8 or more we have to stun him to escape and hide.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to hide from Anna has been very useful for your progress in Devour.