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Today we bring you a Devour guide where we intend to explain how to complete the asylum map.

What is the asylum map in Devour?

This is nothing more than one of the largest maps with which we get in this game which makes it somewhat complex, however, knowing how to complete the asylum map offers us the possibility of entering it and thus being able to unwrap us with absolute normality, in this sense, we invite you to continue reading and that in this way you can progress in this cooperative and terrifying game that has a lot of interesting content.

How to complete the asylum map in Devour?

It is necessary to consider that the asylum map usually has two particular mechanics where we must consider:

Getting used to the rats, these are usually found in the asylum, they are usually vital to be able to complete the asylum map in Devour, and it is a task that Molly can carry out without further complication.

On the other hand, we must take into account the fuse box, this is because during the tour of the map it is vital to find a total of 11, in addition, knowing how to complete the asylum map makes it essential to activate a fuse in the ritual room in order to start an exorcism, but this is not left here because they are usually activated by killing a rat and the total number of rats that must be sacrificed is 10.

Now, while we are in the asylum of Devour it is good to keep in mind:

There are ghouls in wheelchairs that aim to eliminate us or at least try to, in this sense, it is important to keep in mind that these wheelchairs tend to climb some of the stairs on their own, this makes it necessary to be vigilant because without a doubt they are not places where we are safe.

Knowing how to complete the asylum map allows us to start this task in this way:

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Devour: How to hide from Anna

We welcome you to our Devour guide, where we will talk about How to hide from Anna.

Here we must bear in mind that we will appear at the beginning of an elevator in one of the psychiatric rooms, which makes it necessary to take care of leaving and continuing through the corridor in order to move to where it branches to the right.

It is essential to take care of checking the second door that is located on the right side in order to see the ghouls in wheelchairs nearby, here we must take care of knocking them down with our flashlight in Devour, once this has happened we will have to take the key that it's close, even if the chairs move, there's just no need to worry because no one is home so far.

We continue progressing to know how to complete the asylum map, and it is necessary to leave the first room, this leads us to climb the stairs until we get a fireplace that is on the right side, only that before reaching it, there is a door from the ritual room.

It is important to go down and knock down the garbage can because with this action we get some rats out, we proceed to check the ritual room, and then we proceed to press the switch that is usually located behind the table where Molly tends to rest, here is the map itself begins, but there is nothing to worry about because we are safe, here we must take the opportunity to gather some necessary artifacts, among which may be:

  • Fuses.
  • Batteries.
  • Plates.
  • Medical packages.

It should be noted that before starting the map of the asylum itself in Devour we can get a total of 8 fuses, the others are exclusively achieved as we progress.

Now, once we have managed to get all the materials mentioned above, it is necessary to place the first fuse in the box and proceed to press the switch, here we must take into account that if the team consists of four players, then each one has the ability to catch a rat before the fuse can be activated.

We continue progressing to know how to complete the asylum map and once we manage to catch the rats we can sacrifice one of these, this allows us to take the ritual to a fourth phase in these first moments, however, when we manage to knock down more garbage cans we will see As more rats are generated, there are a total of 4 garbage cans in the level, and they are scattered around the asylum.

Next, we will see that Molly left the table and that is where the wheelchair demons will start moving around the asylum map in Devour, in this sense, knowing how to complete the asylum map offers us the opportunity to eliminate them with a burst of our ultraviolet flashlight.

We must take care of taking a plate and proceed to place it close enough to a rathole, after that we will wait for it to come out and start biting the plate, this allows us to take the rat and proceed to take it to where the hole is located. Basement medical bed, to be able to place it on the bed we must use "E", in order to load another fuse and then proceed to press the switch, this allows us to progress in the ritual one phase, this will make Molly get angry and approach us to complete the possession.

Continuing the task on How to complete the asylum map, it becomes necessary to take care of calming Molly in the asylum, this can give us some advantage while we are in the first levels because here she is not very aggressive, and we can master her speed.

To be able to move through the asylum we must have keys, these are usually scattered and presented randomly, the only one that is not usually found in this way is the first one that is usually located near the spawn.

One of the activities that is necessary to develop as we advance in the asylum map in Devour, it is necessary to rotate the map to catch the dishes and rats with less complexity, we must take care of aggravating Molly, this can be done either in a hunt or failing that weakened by a wheelchair.

As we progress through this map in Devour we manage to reach the seventh phase of the ritual which allows us to see how the windows begin to break, this allows us to understand that the difficulty has been growing and of course this will give us some scares, this It opens the way to the eighth phase, there it becomes more difficult to calm Molly down, so we continue our task about Como and at this point we must hit her three times, this allows her to calm down, and she becomes faster, this makes it necessary to keep ratholes closer to the ritual room, this allows for faster turning.

We reach the ninth and last stage in the asylum map in Devour where we will see that Molly continues with the hunt, so that she manages to take down a player, it is our job to calm her down, but this only gives us a few seconds of calm before begins to become aggressive once again, in this sense, we must sacrifice rat number ten in order to make the asylum dark again but without bad creatures.

Now that you know how to complete the asylum map, you can apply the instructions given in this Devour guide and thereby achieve a unique experience.

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