Daniel Hidalgo
2021-02-04 07:03:18

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Destruction AllStars is here, so today we will show you how to get more destruction points, so keep an eye on what we have next.

What are the destruction points in Destruction AllStars?

We could say that it is a currency in the game, with which you can access a lot of customization options for your characters, vehicles and the custom gesture that is linked to the game currencies.

How to get more destruction points in Destruction AllStars?

You can get destruction points by buying on the PlayStation Store with real money, this being the only way to get them, at least until now.
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You should keep in mind that even though there is only one method right now, it is expected that later this year, the daily and weekly challenges will be added to the game, where it is expected that they can be achieved.

In the meantime, you can use AllStar Coins to be able to buy, except for some items, such as high-level emotes, which are only available to buy with Destruction Points.

To get AllStar Coins, level up your XP and progress in the game, where each level will allow you to get 1,000 of these coins.

We hope our guide on how to get more destruction points in Destruction AllStars has been as helpful as possible, and you have managed to get as many points as possible now that you have the tools.