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Ambar Jimenez
2023-11-06 12:50:57

Destiny 2 is one of the most successful and unique projects in the MMO RPG genre, which uses shooter mechanics in its gameplay.

This approach allows for more influence of the player and his actions in defeating monsters and bosses, as well as other players, because the format of headsets and targeted shooting is also taken into account and provides more benefits than just body damage.

Destiny 2 consists of many updates, each of which adds many game mechanics that need to be studied and, if possible, prepared in advance and read patch notes, since after the transition to new additions, the gameplay format may change and a number of items that did not have value can suddenly acquire it and on the contrary, very valuable and expensive things can sharply lose their value.

If at the time of the update's release you are far behind in level, you can always order destiny 2 boosting and quickly catch up with other players.

The latest update that was released for Destiny 2 is Lightfall, and it is also advisable to prepare for it in advance and more carefully, especially if you are a beginner.

Complete the tutorial and storyline

Destiny 2 will quickly teach you how to shoot and understand the game mechanics of the main characters, one of whom you will choose for your gameplay.

Regardless of which of the heroes you choose, you will undergo basic instruction on the use of weapons, special ammunition, skills depending on the chosen class - protective shield, mass or healing skills, enhanced damage and means of camouflage.

You will learn how to interact with the interface, understand the best ways to gain experience and glimmers, handling grenades and begin to progress through the storyline to move towards the Lightfall update and go to Neptune to Saint 13.

Quests and contracts

The best and fastest way to quickly get to the new update, especially if you know the storyline well and just want to try out the expansion and mechanics, including the new Stand subclasses.

Quests will help you consistently and quickly receive level progress and D2 boosting, because you need to complete strict tasks in exchange for a fixed amount of experience.

This is an ideal format for those who want to progress through levels faster and get to new content without paying special attention to grinding and getting glimmers.

Contracts are a mechanic in which you complete tasks and exchange their completion for increased experience.

Often these are in-game actions and tasks such as shooting in the head, using special ammunition, hunting special monsters and other actions.

Contracts have their own time limits during which all conditions must be fulfilled, otherwise the contract will be renewed, and all efforts will be wasted.

If you manage to complete all the actions and receive the reward before the contract expires, you can buy another one for glimmers and exchange money for experience this way.

Strikes and raids

If you want to collect and accumulate good quality equipment and weapons that will be useful in the new Lightfall update when you go into it.

Strikes are a mini-raid format that can be completed alone or as part of a small group, where rewards are formed depending on the difficulty level.

Strikes provide experience, gear and glimmers and are the easiest way to get Destiny 2 boosts for solo players and small groups.

Raids are characterized by increased complexity and the need to be part of a full-fledged group of at least three players.

If you complete a normal difficulty raid, you can unlock heroic and then mythic.

Raids of the maximum difficulty level will help you accumulate weapons and equipment of the legendary level, which will be useful when you fly to Neptune to Saint 13 and will play a role in mastering new content.

PVP mode

Destiny 2 has a format that allows you not only to gain good and stable experience, but also to accumulate high-quality equipment and weapons of the legendary level and at the same time have a fun and dynamic time.

The format is called Trial of Osiris, which is based on playing with small teams in short confrontations between them.

Your task is to play small rounds lasting one and a half minutes, in which you need to win.

It is important not just to win, but to do it systematically and accumulate series of victories, and in this case you can receive seasonal rewards.

For example, to get a seasonal legendary weapon, you need to score 7 victories in a row. You will be able to insure your victories, but the most important thing is that the rounds are held quickly and even in case of defeats, you can continue your efforts and sooner or later you will take your well-deserved reward.

Conclusions on preparing for the transition to the Lightfall update in Destiny 2

Starting from the first minutes of your gameplay in Destiny 2, you can take two paths to get to the new Lightfall update - the fast way, or the effective one.

If we take the quick method, then this is D2 boosting, contracts and quests of various difficulty levels.

A quick way to level up and reach a new update often leads to players sacrificing equipment and weapons for the sake of speed, but do not be afraid of this aspect - you can always get everything you need after completing a new part of the storyline.

If you move consciously and not quickly, then you will be able to accumulate good equipment and weapons of the legendary level, special cartridges and other items for the development of the hero.

You can even deliberately slow down your gameplay in order to gain equipment and weapons of the strength you need before moving on to a conditionally different difficulty level and format.

If you act adventurously, there may well be times when you will spend a lot of time and resources killing new monsters and bosses.

On the other hand, this approach will bring you new experience of interacting with the environment and will force you to look for partners and group players to complete new tasks and raids together. At any time, you can roll back and collect everything missing in previous updates.


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