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Guide to learn how to get more candies in the festival of the lost in Destiny 2

 In case you didn't notice in Desntiny 2 the type of currency used here is candy and this goes very well with the Halloween theme that is coming up. But in case you don't know how to get more candy at the festival of the lost, don't worry! In this guide we will teach you everything you need.

How to get more candy in the festival of the lost in Destiny 2?

Candy, as we mentioned earlier, is one of the main currencies in the new Haunted Festival alongside Chocolate Strange Coins.

Candies can be earned in various ways. The most direct way to enter the Enchanted Forest and collect some of the terrors defeated in that event because you will need a mask so that you make sure you have started the Haunted Festival mission.

On the other hand, if you can earn sweets outside of the Enchanted Forest in situations like defeating enemies and completing activities while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask, so you can use the Crucible as Cryptarch without problem.
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You can also see it everywhere as you run like blue triangular objects on the ground.

In the Haunted festival, the candy is used to collect certain rewards that Eva Levante will have for sale during the event. However, the most prized reward is the Braytech Werewolf weapon, which is only available during the Festival of the Lost.

You can save up to 1000 candies to purchase the selected version of Braytech Werewolf directly from Eva Levante. Or, you can spend 250 and weapon parts and flashes to get some random rolls.

  Now that you know how to get more candies in the festival of the lost in Destiny 2 you can catch as many candies as you can if you apply all these ways to get.

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