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Destiny 2: How to get Fourth Rider Shotgun

2020-03-19 12:21:28

 This time we return with a Destiny 2 guide aiming at explaining How to get Fourth Rider Shotgun.

 In Destiny 2 and its recent season places us some tasks to complete, among them is How to obtain the Fourth Rider Shotgun, an exotic search which we must do, for it there are many details that we will find in the content of this guide, let's pay much attention.

What to know before obtaining the Fourth Rider Shotgun in Destiny 2?

 If we want to begin this search, we have to go to Zavala in the tower, once we talk to him, he will assign us this mission, among the guidelines of the same one, it is required that we enter a vault, by means of a secret entrance that is exactly in the office of Zavala here in the tower, which will be the starting point of our objective, which is How to get Fourth Rider Shotgun, let's see what to do from here on.

How to get Fourth Rider Shotgun in Destiny 2


 What we have to do is to get to the vault, as we said before, there is a secret passage in Zavala's office in the tower, on the right side of the office there are some stairs that will give us access, but we will not make it, so we will change to the stairs that we go down, we will notice that on the left side there is a hole to get hooked and enter, taking us through some platforms that at the end take us to the vault, inside this we will start an interaction with an empty weapon box, which will give us access to the activation of another step of the mission, which consists in returning with Zavala and tell her about the missing weapon, this will make us go to Mars to see Ana in relation to some BrayTech equipment, starting the search.

 Our destination will be Mars, where we land in the area of BrayTech Futurescap, from here we have to go north to meet Ana, talking with her about the vault, will indicate that we know who is responsible for this theft, then we will receive more steps to follow, when completed we reached the point of making a collection of information for Ana, To do this we must defeat Cabal and perform some public events on Mars, to complete this mission, which is secondary we have two options, we go to the EDZ and see the area of Hades Firebase, where we find some boxes of Psion and Cabla, we beat the Psions and review the boxes and thus collect data, once we collect the information will move to other steps of the mission.

 Our next step will be to go to the Tower and talk to Benedict 99-40, he will give us the next step of the search, which is called the Dirty Work, this means that we have to go to the EDZ to beat some fighters, public events or complete patrols, back when we return with Benedict 99-40, he will tell us that the weapon has been found, for this we will now go to the lost sector of the quarry in the EDZ, thus initiating the steps of search to follow of the lost objects.

 This way we finish our Destiny 2 guide, now you know How to get Fourth Rider Shotgun, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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