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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-08 14:17:05

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Guide to learn how to get encryption decoders in Destiny 2

 Many players are busy playing Festival of the Lost that they just added to Destiny 2. At the festival they have the option to use Cipher Decoders, a new currency, to unlock bonus chests at the end of their careers in Haunted Forest, giving them additional opportunities to earn God Rolls from the Horror Story and BrayTech Werewolf assault rifles. . That being said, some fans may be confused about How to Get Encryption Decoders, so a little help wouldn't hurt right? Well, this guide will help you with these codes, so stay tuned with what we say next.

How to get encryption decoders in Destiny 2?

To get started, players have the opportunity to receive encryption decoders by completing any of the activities in the game. Still, cipher decoders are far from guaranteed releases, and in fact, players who want to rack them up in bulk will need to complete a significant number of activities during the event.
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One of the most effective and fastest ways to farm cipher decoders focuses on repeatedly completing certain patrols on the Moon. The Patrols of interest are those that tell you the class of enemies to kill as well as tell you how to find Toland, and they can be collected both in the Anchor of Light areas and in Archer's Line. After completing a round of these activities, players must simply go into orbit and then return to the Moon to find that these Patrols have reset.

Patrols are simpler than they seem so there should be no problems. Now players should rack up cipher decoders pretty quickly. In the case of the others who want to try something new, they can do some heroic story missions that are also quite short, and can be done between trips to the Moon. You will see how the decoder crops will accelerate.

One thing you should know is that Bungie (the pro developer if you don't know) has indicated that they are currently investigating their drop rates. This could mean that cipher decoder drop rates are going to spike soon, and therefore players may want to delay their cultivation for a few days to see if that happens. However, even as cipher decoders become more common, Moon Patrols will still be the fastest activity players can opt for to farm this special Festival of the Lost currency.

 Now that you know how to obtain encryption decoders in Destiny 2 you will be able to obtain a greater number of profits if you apply the techniques that we describe in this guide. Luck!

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