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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-08 14:15:18

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Guide to learn how to disable Crossplay in Apex Legends

  The multiplatform game is now available thanks to the recently implemented Crossplay which brings many benefits, but surely makes the game even more challenging. If you want to disable cross play in Apex Legends, don't worry, in this guide we will show you how to find this option if you want to.

How to disable Crossplay in Apex Legends?

Cross-platform gaming functionality is finally here, which not only makes each game even more populated with other players, which can make you feel overwhelmed and want to go back to normal lobbies with the same player platform.

If you want to disable cross play in Apex Legends, all you have to do is open the game settings menu.
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If you are a console player you will see that this option will be enabled almost automatically, which means that each console player will be paired with other console players and will have more players competing to become Apex Legends.

Disabling the Crossplay option has a downside, and the fact that you will have long wait times at lobbies, but it will make sure you don't end up playing someone on a different platform.

Another thing to keep in mind in this is that if you are on a console it means that you will only be paired with other console players in Apex Legends as PC players have been pairing with other PC players.

But, if you have a PC player in your party, you will be placed in a PC lobby where you will have to fight against other PC players.

 Now that you know how to disable Crossplay in Apex Legends you will be able to play at ease on your local console with other players with the same settings. Luck!

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