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Destiny 2: How to complete Vostok Visited mission

2020-05-19 15:51:35

Destiny 2 is responsible for getting us many interesting activities for this day we talk about How to complete confirmed vostok mission.

What is the vostok mission in Destiny 2?

This is nothing more than a task that we have been placed to perform in this game and it is only required to have reached the mountain of the Seraph Tower, while we are in search of the Lie, taking into account that it is necessary to have to travel to vostok, this is achieved by clicking Destinations and then on Earth where we will get to see an icon of the blue heart and there we will get the mission The secret of a hot mind, this usually happens after having talked with Ana Bray on Mars.

How to complete the complicated vostok mission in Destiny 2?

This is actually a simple enough mission, since it only requires scanning 3 elements, the first of them leads us to follow the straight path when we spawn, then it is necessary to take the first and head to the right, at this point it is necessary scan some pieces of broken Warsat that is located under the stone arch.

We pass to the second element and this leads us up to the ruined building, from this point it will be necessary to walk until we reach the next point in a straight line, there we arrive at a dump where Ana will give us some pieces of history and knowledge.

We continue to the third element there we will make use of our favorite shotgun, since we have to get 1000 deaths

This is all we know about how to complete the completed vostok mission as we proceed in Destiny 2.

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