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We are still immersed in Deathloop and therefore it is necessary to explain how to use Dual-Wield weapons.

What is the Dual-Wield in Deathloop?

This is a form of combat where we are allowed to use two weapons simultaneously, we can apply a long-range one and a short-range one being together allows us to do more damage, these are ideal to eliminate visionaries.

How to use Dual-Wield weapons in Deathloop?

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    We must consider that we are allowed to use weapons with both hands, but this has its negative effects, it makes it impossible to aim with the sight, in this sense, carrying a firearm and a machete in the right hand can be done and for this we must pressing the right of the D-pad, with this we equip the firearm with a left hand, pressing the right of the D-pad allows us to pick up the weapons that may be available for the left hand.

     Choosing to hold down the right button of the D-pad allows us to invoke the hand wheel in addition to selecting the desired weapon with the right analog stick.

    It is usually necessary to take care of releasing the right button of the D-pad to equip the weapon that we have selected.

    This action of having two weapons is only possible after completing the initial section which implies completing the tutorial

    The weapons that we can mobilize with another here are:


    •  LIMP-10.
    • This what.
    • PT-6 'Spiker'.
    • Court.
    • The Fourpounder.
    • Strelak Verso.

     In this sense, knowing how to use Dual-Wield weapons allows us to equip ourselves and thus manage to eliminate as many enemies as we can in Deathloop.

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