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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-23 17:53:09

Today we bring you a Dead by Daylight guide where we will explain how to beat the head of the pyramid, let's see.

Who is the pyramid head in Dead by Daylight?

The Silent Hill chapter brings us really a lot to do and this is where we can get Pyramid Head and this is that he is simply an assassin but not just anybody, a rather complex one, he has abilities with the Rites of Judgment being the best known and useful , since he is not interested in sacrificing the survivors, he is really a fairly strange assassin or at least something out of the ordinary perhaps it is there that it is necessary to know How to beat the head of the pyramid since it has the ability to change the shape where they can run the rounds on Dead in daylight, being really rare.

How to beat the top of the pyramid in Dead by Daylight?

This is an assassin who has quite a complex ability and his son is Rites of Judgment, this is a fairly strong power that has three specific parts.

  • Carving Trails: This is the first part of his ability and I could easily verso since he has a wire because of the sale of the path and red blood, this allows that if any survivor gets to touch it easily he will be affected by the hard Torment and It gives us the location of said survivor at the head of the pyramid who chose to eliminate us, only that we can get unnoticed by this effect and so it is necessary to walk low.
  • Punishment of the Damned: This is an attack from the pyramid head and can crush us with a large knife, since the ideal here is to stay as far away from your sight as possible and avoid it by moving to the side, as this attack is It gives in a straight line and only occurs when it cuts paths.
  • Cage of Atonement: When a survivor is dying the head of the pyramid will choose to send him to the cage of atonement and these have a functionality similar to hooks, here there is the possibility of rescue on the one hand if we manage to rescue we can save the survivor of the Torment in Dead by Daylight but if we are already in the Torment and we rescue a survivor the thing becomes more serious because we will lose.

Surviving and fighting this murderer is simply part of avoiding the state of Torment at all costs, because knowing how to beat the head of the pyramid is definitely strange, and makes us take actions that are out of the ordinary, cautious and careful as an epicenter not to be touched, especially since the roads may contain some powerful pyramid head plugs, plus it tries to block them, so while we walk around we will have to squat to get out unscathed.

This is all we know about How to Beat the Head of the Pyramid, as it is simply a rather confusing assassin that we meet at Dead by Daylight, and one that you need to avoid being touched by.

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