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Darksiders Genesis: How to back to a Level - tips and tricks

2019-12-09 10:41:51

On this occasion we made for you a guide of Darksiders Genesis where we will tell you how to back to a level.

This is a game that has a certain similarity to the games of Diablo, but with the form and sense of play equal to those of the previous deliveries of Darksiders, only in this new saga, we are in the search for the void that Darsiders left us 3, for what we must prepare to eliminate enemies. It is good to note that this game has been released for PC and for Google Stadia, and best of all, it has quite favorable comments.

What are the relevant aspects of Darksiders Genesis?

This new installment of the Darksiders saga presents us with about 16 levels, which spend about 10 hours to be defeated, it can also be played as a player in war or dispute mode, although if we wish we can choose to play in mode cooperative.

It should be noted that this delivery allows us to be able to obtain treasures for the different levels, as well as some hidden resources and souls, and best of all, it gives us the possibility of being able to return to a place as many times as we consider necessary in order to make collections of treasures and souls as much as we think convenient, for this it is important to fight against the enemies, which allows us to gather resources and solve the puzzles, but even when we do all this it is necessary to reach the void to reach an earlier level , so let's explain here how to get back to a level.

How to return to a level in Darksiders Genesis?

The first thing that we must be clear about is that once we return to visit some level we have already passed, we will simply meet the enemies, obviously this leads us to fight them again, here we will simply have to take back carry out all the work again as if we were playing it for the first time, for this we will only have to go to the Void and select some of the levels that are available.

It is good to keep in mind that when we have already compiled all the secrets at a level simply, we will not have to do it again, even so, we find the opportunity to see that there are some chests, which are still closed and therefore are at disposition in order to get souls, which are highly necessary to complete some challenges in this game, which allows us to gather a lot of souls. In the meantime if we only want to crush enemies, then we can opt for the Casual level difficulty option.

On the other hand, we must be clear that if we are console players, we will simply have to wait a little longer to access this game, since it has only come out for PC and Google Stadia.

Finally knowing how to back to a level in Darksiders Genesis allows us to collect more souls which are necessary for the challenges of this game, which looks very interesting.

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