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Angel Marquez
2020-09-11 17:08:10

Find out how to use your inventory in this excellent and explanatory Craftopia guide.

What to know about the inventory in Craftopia?

  The system of our inventory in this game is good, we will have it divided by different items, so it is necessary that we maintain a balance between these resources, we have that the objects to build go to one section and the crafts for another, in If we can keep control of what we have more easily, when searching it is possible to quickly know where what we are looking for, now there are times when we will have complications and that is when we have accumulated many similar objects, such as food, we have to go into the stack to see the details of what we have, now so that you understand how to use your inventory, we will see the explanatory content that comes next.

How do you use your inventory in Craftopia?

  The functions that we will have in our inventory are not many, but it is easy to remove and put the objects, when we open it we have to do it in the bar, we drag the objects to this bar and we are going to drop them on the ground, with The mouse can go up and down the bar, if we want to change objects we have to press the corresponding button, it is possible to increase the space available to store, for this it is necessary that we find breasts, there is a chest recipe that requires of some materials such as logs x5, stones x5 and copper ingots x5, which allows us to gain more space, but a correct placement of this is ideal, since there is the possibility that we lose it and with all the objects included, it is correct that we are aware to protect our resources.

  Clearly knowing how to use your inventory allows us to have more fun at Craftopia.

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