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 Learn the art of How To Make a Scarecrow in Coral Islandwith our step-by-step guide.

Crows can be pesky creatures, causing havoc in your farm by devouring your hard-earned crops. In Coral Island, you have the opportunity to combat this problem by learning how to make scarecrows. Let's explore the different types of scarecrows available and how you can craft or purchase them to protect your precious crops.

How to Make a Scarecrow in Coral Island

Understanding the Threat

  • 1. Crows' Daily Visits: Crows have a 60% chance of visiting your farm every morning once you grow 12 or more crops. Crows are intelligent and opportunistic birds that are attracted to your farm for the abundance of food. Once you have grown 12 or more crops, the crows will start visiting your farm daily, posing a threat to your crops.
  • 2. The Crows Be Gone Quest: Initiate this quest to start your journey towards scarecrow crafting:To address the crow problem, you can undertake the Crows Be Gone quest in Coral Island. This quest serves as a tutorial to introduce you to the concept of scarecrow crafting and the importance of protecting your crops.

Crafting Makeshift Scarecrow

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  • 1. Basic Protection: The Makeshift Scarecrow offers protection within a small 5x5 area. The Makeshift Scarecrow is the simplest form of scarecrow you can craft. While it may offer limited coverage, it can still deter crows from damaging your crops within its proximity.
  • 2. Simple Materials: To craft it, gather Scrap (10) and Wood (15). To create a Makeshift Scarecrow, you will need to collect 10 Scrap and 15 Wood. Scrap can be found by exploring the island, while Wood can be obtained by chopping down trees or purchasing it from the store.

Upgrading for Better Coverage

  • 1. Need for Expansion: As your farm grows, you'll require more scarecrows to protect the entire area. As your farm expands and you plant more crops, the protection provided by a single scarecrow may no longer be sufficient. It becomes essential to upgrade and add more scarecrows to ensure the entire farming area is adequately protected.
  • 2. Introducing the Ordinary Scarecrow: Unlocks after reaching level 3 of Farming in Coral Island. The Ordinary Scarecrow is an upgraded version that becomes available once you reach level 3 of Farming. It offers a significantly larger coverage area compared to the Makeshift Scarecrow.
  • 3. Expanded Protection Area: The Ordinary Scarecrow safeguards an impressive 11x11 area. The Ordinary Scarecrow provides a wide coverage area of 11x11, making it an excellent choice for larger farms. Its presence ensures that crops within its range are safe from crows.
  • 4. Crafting Requirements: Gather Sap (10), Fiber (20), and Wood (20) for the Ordinary Scarecrow. To craft an Ordinary Scarecrow, you will need to gather 10 Sap, 20 Fiber, and 20 Wood. Sap can be obtained by tapping trees with a Tapper, while Fiber can be collected by cutting weeds or harvesting certain crops.

 Exploring Alternative Options

  • 1. Community Center Shop Offerings: You can also purchase different types of scarecrows from the Community Center Shop in Coral Island. If crafting scarecrows from scratch is not your preference, you can explore the option of purchasing scarecrows from the Community Center Shop. This provides a convenient alternative for acquiring scarecrows while saving time and resources.
  • 2. Cost and Benefits: These purchased scarecrows are priced at 200 Merit Points but offer protection equivalent to that of the Ordinary Scarecrow. The scarecrows available for purchase in the Community Center Shop are priced at 200 Merit Points each. While they offer the same level of protection as the Ordinary Scarecrow, the benefit lies in saving time and resources required for crafting.
  • 3. Unique Appearance: Each scarecrow has its own distinct appearance, adding charm to your farm. One of the exciting aspects of purchasing scarecrows from the shop is the variety of unique appearances they offer. Each scarecrow has its own distinct design, adding charm and personality to your farm.
  • 4. Unlocking Crafting Recipes: Purchasing a scarecrow from the shop unlocks its crafting recipe, providing flexibility for future crafting endeavors. When you purchase a scarecrow from the Community Center Shop, you also unlock its crafting recipe. This allows you to craft additional scarecrows of the same type in the future, giving you the flexibility to expand and customize your scarecrow setup.

With the threat of crows looming over your crops in Coral Island, it's essential to invest in scarecrows for their protection. Whether you choose to craft them yourself or purchase them from the Community Center Shop, these friendly guardians will ensure that your farm remains bountiful and crow-free. Happy farming! By understanding the threat posed by crows, crafting scarecrows, and exploring alternative options, you can effectively protect your crops and enjoy a flourishing farm in Coral Island.

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