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Discover the secrets of How To Get Eastern Oyster in Coral Island with our comprehensive guide.

Welcome to this friendly guide on how to obtain Eastern Oysters in Coral Island! In this blog post, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding and utilizing this forageable item. Eastern Oysters are not only a common treasure found in the depths of Coral Island but also a great way to earn gold. So, let's dive right in!

 How to Get Eastern Oyster in Coral Island

Find the Perfect Spot

To begin your quest for Eastern Oysters, you need to head towards the seabed during the first days of summer. As you swim down, keep an eye out for a large rock. Once you spot it, turn right to continue your journey towards finding these elusive creatures. You're on the right track!

Follow the Stone Steps

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Continuing your underwater adventure, you'll come across a set of stone steps located near the large rock. These steps will lead you to a depth of around 20-23 meters. As you descend, be mesmerized by the vibrant marine life surrounding you. Keep going!

 Discover Eastern Oysters

Congratulations! At this depth, you'll be rewarded with the sight of several Eastern Oysters. These bivalves are typically found between 20-30 meters deep. Take your time exploring and gathering these delicious treasures. Marvel at their unique shells and the beauty of the underwater world.

Utilize Your Harvest

Once you have gathered a bountiful supply of Eastern Oysters, it's time to put them to good use. Head over to the Crop altar, a sacred place where you can offer various items to the Ocean Scavengables offering. Place your Eastern Oysters on the altar with gratitude for the ocean's generosity.

Receive a Valuable Reward

Your generosity will not go unnoticed! As an offering, you will receive a Dehydrator in return from the Ocean Scavengables offering at the Crop altar. This device will be essential in the next step of your Eastern Oyster journey.

The Magic of Dehydration

Now that you have the Dehydrator, it's time to transform your fresh Eastern Oysters into dried delicacies. Simply place your oysters inside the device and let them dry for approximately 10 hours. The dehydrating process will remove the moisture, preserving the oysters' flavor and extending their shelf life.

 Profit from Your Hard Work

Once your oysters are dried, they are ready to be sold for a profitable sum of 80 Coins per jar. This method proves more lucrative than selling the oysters separately. The dried Eastern Oysters are a sought-after ingredient, often used in various culinary creations, making them a valuable commodity in Coral Island.

By following this friendly guide, you now have all the information you need to dive into the depths of Coral Island, collect Eastern Oysters, and reap the rewards. Remember to find the perfect spot near the large rock, follow the stone steps to the desired depth, and discover the Eastern Oysters waiting to be harvested. Offer them at the Crop altar to receive a Dehydrator, which will allow you to transform your oysters into dried delicacies. Finally, profit from your hard work by selling the jars of dried Eastern Oysters for a handsome sum of 80 Coins each. Happy exploring, and may your Eastern Oyster adventures in Coral Island be both fruitful and rewarding!

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