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2022-10-17 07:48:32

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In the universe of Coral Island we have many tasks, one of them is How to Get Fire Agate in Coral Island and the details will be covered here.

What to know about fire agate in Coral Island?

It is a strange resource that we can find in the game, it is a precious stone that can generate some money with its sale, around the island we must explore to find this treasure, now looking to be aware of what to do to obtain it, let's follow the following content very carefully, let's see.

How to get fire agate in Coral Island?

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Through mining we have access to more than minerals, we can even find geodes that contain precious stones when opened, among which fire agate can be included, to find the geodes we must search the ground of the mine of the cave, only that its rarity makes it difficult to find these at all times of the game, so an exploration of all levels of the mine is required until we find the green gemstone with a rock, opening it we obtain the fire agate, it is important to take into account the enemies in the corners of the mine, you have to enter prepared enough to enter the depths of the mine.

In conclusion, knowing how to get fire agate in Coral Island is interesting because it allows us to have better performance and progress in this busy game.

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