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With our help, you will see that knowing how to change gender in Coral Island is easier than you think.

What to know about gender in Coral Island?

When creating our character we will have different customization options, among which we can make mistakes with the gender of our choice, the detail is that you cannot change it, we will be playing until the end with it should be, but we can see what to do to change it in the following content, let's see.

How to change gender in Coral Island?

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When we have completed the registration we still have everything related to customization available, we can change clothes, skin color, gender and other characteristics, to do so we must go to the salon, where we can change what we want this time being the gender, but we must take into account the availability of the room that is between 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day, here we must talk to the NPC to access the menu with 3 tabs, in the third of they can enter to make the gender change, having 3 options to choose from, without any limitations we can make the change 5 times, only we will pay in 500 coins each time.

It is evident that knowing how to change gender in Coral Island allows us to have more fun and progress in this fast-paced game.

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