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Ambar Jimenez
2021-04-15 17:02:26

The popularity of dedicated gambling platforms has increased in the last few years, but now it has seen a surge in video games. GTA is one of the great examples here, which encompasses many gambling facets. The casino concept in video games is controversial, and parents are concerned about minors having easy access to gambling elements in video games. Based on kiwigambler.co.nz statistics, 75% of the online gambling is on mobile devices these days. However, if you are an eligible player and love to play such games online, you have many console games that offer gambling elements. Here, we will show you how popular console video games have embraced gambling in various forms.

1.Star Wars Battlefront II

The seventh installment in the Star Wars game series, Star Wars Battlefront II, is available for Xbox One and was released by EA. The game has a multiplayer mode and a single mode and was one of the bestsellers a few years back. The Game Critics Awards awarded this game with Best Online Multiplayer Game. There is an element in the game which is highly considered gambling in many nations. The loot boxes that players win throughout the game contain holographic star collector cards. These loot boxes are essential in the progress of the players in the game.

These cards can also be purchased and exchanged. The loot boxes are filled at random. However, countries like Belgium have banned loot boxes, considering them as a part of gambling, game developer EA had to face problems in order to bring the game to Belgium.

2.The Four Kings Casino and Slot

This Xbox game is a social MMO in which a casino is simulated for Xbox One players across the globe. This is totally different from the other games mentioned on this list as the gambling element is the main focus of the game. Initially, players have to create a 3D avatar of their own, and the gameplay takes place at the slot machines and tables. However, the game collection is decent enough to entertain the players. There are many events in the game that allow players to participate. Along with poker, players can enjoy slots, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

This game can be one of the most exhilarating examples of the arrival of gambling into the world of console gaming. Players can get familiarize themselves with the rules of gambling games mentioned above. Well, this video game will not give you a real gambling experience. However, it can teach you how real casino games work.


This action-adventure video game from Ubisoft earned great popularity on Xbox. Watchdog series such as Watchdogs Legion and Watchdogs 2 were among of the best-selling games the year it was released. Many believe that one of the reasons for its success was the inclusion of poker in the gameplay. Players enjoyed playing poker at a saloon.
Players could actually improve their own virtual account while playing poker and also relax wonderfully between the action in the rest of the game.

4.Final Fantasy VIII

This is an offering from one of the most iconic video game series in the world. Final Fantasy offers numerous hours of exciting gaming experience. The eighth installment of the game contains the gambling element. And it is unusual to imagine that with so many titles that have been made in the series, how gambling element could be missed here. Along with all the other elements of the games, the card game is also popular here.

Players can play a card game called Triple Triad, which has to be played against the computer to bet on ever-higher cards. If the players win, they receive a prize. The winning prize is not comparable with real gambling games or Battlefield II, where the prize won in the game has real value in the real world.

5.Red Dead Redemption

In this popular video game for consoles, there was also an option to play some gambling games as a pastime. Players could play the popular format of poker, Texas Hold’em, on numerous occasions in the course of the game. If the players know how to do it, they can also cheat the other players. However, the opponent knows about the cheating, and then the situation can turn bad in the game.

6.Fall Out New Vegas

This game is set in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. And when the name of Las Vegas includes, there has to be a gambling connection in the game. You can indulge in gambling on this video game console. Though the rules of the game run a little differently in this virtual world so, you have to be particularly careful not to be cheated or even robbed. Gambling has rarely been more atmospheric than in this video game.
There are many more games that have included gambling elements in their gameplay. This inclusion is controversial, but players would ask for more fun as long as it adds more fun to the gameplay. This can be classified as an asset in modern console video games.


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