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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-23 20:32:30

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah has arrived and with it many activities among which it is important to know How to Heal

What is Isle of Siptah in Conan Exiles?

  This is nothing more than expansion and it is necessary to understand how to heal since as in any other world it is possible to suffer some damage, but this here is actually quite an easy task since we do not need much, just eating food or articles of healing is more than enough to restore vitality.

How to Heal in Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah?

 There are some healing objects that can be quite useful, especially the higher the level of our character, the more possibilities with the healing objects we will have, but this also brings with it the possibility of having access to certain craft materials that we may require. In any case, it is not complicated since we all know it well.

 Another interesting method to heal is eating, although this has a certain degree of inefficiency, which allows us to have to resort to making healing items such as potions or bandages, because even when we eat meat or insects this might not be enough.

 The preparation recipes can be made based on aloe leaves and some biochemical bases, so do not hesitate to stock up on these resources every time you have the opportunity, in fact, below we leave a list about the potions and bandages available to heal .


  •  Aloe Extract Potion N / A 10x Aloe Leaves.
  • Concentrated aloe extract level 35 requires 30 aloe leaves plus an alchemical base.
  • Pure aloe extract level that requires 50 aloe leaves plus 20 alchemical base.



  •  Numbing Bandage required at level 45 and requires 20 aloe leaves plus 20 honey plus 10 thick leather.
  • Rough wrap N / A, this requires 10 aloe leaves plus 5 plant fibers.
  • Level 58 Stutter Wrap level for which you need 30 aloe leaves plus 10 silk plus 10 alchemical base.
  • Level 25 Healing Wrap requires 10 Aloe Leaves plus 5 Leather.

 Now that you know How to Heal, it is time to have the necessary implements, because every time you need them you can give them the necessary use in Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah.

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