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Check out our guide to learn more about how to use the Trophy System in COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) has become a popular game among mobile gamers. The game has various features that make it challenging yet exciting to play. One of these features is the Trophy System. The Trophy System is a useful tool that can help players avoid incoming projectiles. In this blog post, we will discuss how to use the Trophy System in COD Mobile.

The trophy system is a deployable gadget that can be used in Call of Duty Mobile. It is designed to destroy any incoming enemy projectile before it hits its intended target. This means that if an enemy throws a grenade or shoots a missile at you, the trophy system will destroy it before it can cause any damage. In essence, the trophy system is like a personal shield that protects you from enemy projectiles.

The Trophy System has several benefits that make it an essential tool for any player in COD Mobile. First and foremost, it can shoot down incoming enemy projectiles, which can save your team from taking unnecessary damage or even dying. This can be especially useful in objective-based game modes like Domination or Hardpoint, where enemies will often throw grenades or use rockets to clear out objectives.

Additionally, the Trophy System is relatively easy to use and doesn't require much skill or practice to master. All you need to do is place it in a strategic location and let it do its thing.

How the Trophy System Works

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The Trophy System is a device that can block incoming enemy projectiles. It can only be thrown on the ground and protects a limited area. The Trophy System can only block explosive projectiles, not bullets. It can block a few projectiles before it blows up. Therefore, players need to use it strategically.

 Projectiles Protected by the Trophy System

The Trophy System can protect players from various projectiles. These include Flash/Concussion/Smoke Grenades, Lethal Grenades, RPG Rockets, Predator Missiles, and more. Knowing the projectiles that the Trophy System can block is essential in using it effectively.

 Using the Trophy System Effectively

To use the Trophy System effectively, players must station themselves near the Trophy System and patrol the area. This strategy ensures that players are protected when enemies throw projectiles. However, enemies can destroy the Trophy System, leaving players vulnerable to projectiles. Therefore, players should use the Trophy System strategically and only when necessary.

Here are some tips for using the Trophy System effectively:

  • 1. Use the Trophy System when you are in an open area with limited cover.
  • 2. Use the Trophy System when you are defending an area against enemy attacks.
  • 3. Use the Trophy System when you are in a team and need to protect your teammates.
  • 5. Use the Trophy System when you are planting or defusing a bomb.

The Trophy System is a valuable tool in COD Mobile. It can protect players from various projectiles, but players need to use it strategically. Understanding how the Trophy System works and the projectiles it can block is essential in using it effectively. By using the Trophy System strategically, players can improve their chances of winning and stay ahead of the competition.

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