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2020-12-03 08:41:56

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We invite you to discover how to beat Guardian Krell, a new task in Chronos Before the Ashes.

What to know about Guardian Krell in Chronos Before the Ashes?

This is one of the most complicated boss confrontations in the game, although this is a slow giant, it is capable of ending us with a single blow, now it is indicated to have an idea of how to defeat the guardian Krell, so we will find in this guides some tips and strategies to follow to achieve this, so let's see the following content.

How to beat Guardian Krell in Chronos Before the Ashes?

Once in the arena, it begins its attacks with a giant hammer, against this boss we will have many useful weapons, only that the Krell hammer is ideal anyway, it is important that we are always very close to it, being this very slow is possible to follow their attacks, we will even get out of their way if necessary, otherwise we could receive impressive damage, it is ideal that we have a boost with the dragon stone, while we take every opportunity to attack and make this stagger, always considering that our shield is at the top and without being ambitious when attacking, it is ideal to take this confrontation calmly and be alert to the two kinds of attacks, which are the hammer blow and the 3 tremendous blows in a row.

In conclusion, knowing how to beat the guardian Krell is excellent, since we can continue advancing in this incredible adventure called Chronos Before the Ashes.

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